Servilla is a town of about 600 people located in the western marshlands of the Pendragon Thaneship. The region was at one point home to an ancient wood elf country that fell to the expansion of humans many centuries before. Traces of the magic that their empire had been built are found throught the metals and plants of the region which are known for the magical abilities and curative effects.

Originally a gold mining town it has gone through boom and bust cycles as veins of gold and other valuable minerals have been found and gone dry and the old mines dominate some of the hills. Much of the stable enterprise revolves around the medicinal herbs and spell components which are harvested and resold in other nearby cities.

Places of Note

Location Description
Valcar Mines One of the many mines dotting the region, believed to be a hiding place used by Emelia of the Corpse
Warehouses Area of the town with old warehouses used for storage, holding of prisoners and as hideouts depending on who is the occupants
Dread Vault An ancient elven fortress that is used as a base of operations by the Corpse, Able to relocate itself through the assistance of druidic magic from Roland. Also known by the elvish name of Merovangan
The Crows Flock Tavern controlled by Sevil
The Fox & Goose Tavern used by the party as a base of operations
Stoneflasks Shop Alchemy shop owned by Morgwein Stoneflask.
Sewers A massive construction of drainage sewers constructed in the early days of Servilla. They had design flaws that prevented them from being effective and were eventually abandoned. Hidden markings in the passageways can guide one through their labranith depths to nearly any location in the city. One access point is in an abandoned well behind the fox&goose.
Baruuu’s Place A cave located underneath a tree in the Evergreen Marsh. A bit smelly but safe place
Rolland’s Place A massive living tree with a concealed door into its depths. This place moves around the marshes frequently although those who know where to look know of certain places it frequents.
Buruvan Labyrinth Region where the swamp Lizardfolk live
Isle of Tar Bowl shaped clearing in the swamp where the Green Hag and her trolls resided
Throne of the Forest King Pile of seemingly haphazard rocks with a series of runic symbols along the base in old wood elvish. a Relic of great power that was destroyed by Elibus in the destruction of the Compass of Theugast

People of Interest

Individual Description
Baruuu an intelligent troll that was befriended by the party and well liked by them for his childlike manner.
Broxis Elderly barbarian warrior of the Corpse
Will Stableboy at the Fox&goose
Barrik Hinegard One of the commanders of the Corpse
Emelia One of the Corpse leaders
Leo Vallen Father of Cashmere Vallen
Cashmere Vallen Commander of the Corpse,
Albert Alsenes townguard
Castor townguard who was talking about Roland
Melinda flowergirl
Rolland Yuren Elderly druid who was blamed for a mining accident and driven into exile. Artificially prolonged his life through entering a covenant with a Green Hag and through his magic was able to keep relocating the Dread Vault. When the Hag was destroyed he passed away and the Dread Vault became stationary.
Lansel Turren Mayor of Servilla
Albern Ottum Captain of the Guard
Sevil owner of the Crow’s Flock – former Corpse member – A Rakshasa in disguise
Lyriam owner of the Fox And Goose and ally of the Green Vanguard, Granddaughter of Rolland Yuren
Malsha Local half orc armor smith and under cover Corpse member
Morgwein Stoneflask dwarf alchemist. One of the oldest residents of Servilla
Cerridwen Swamp Guide
Tetra Izludian dancer of the Crow’s Flock


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