A small farming village in the wyrmwood near the border of Gallione and the Gainsbrough Thaneship. Sister town to Rew which is two hours away. very small town with a population of less than 50 they are very isolated from events in the wider world. Recently the dragon Verenia established a powerbase here and raised the spirits of the ancient 2nd age woodelves as Lizardfolk to establish her army and powerbase. These lizard folk call themselves the Skald-Korok, commonly translated into the “People of the Forest”. Some of the lizardfolk revere her as a god and the rest are themselves under threat of death if they disobey.

Their leader Aberak covertly warns the party of where she can be found. Verenia is killed around midnight 14 Crowlen, 1437

Places of Note

Location Description
Town center Main part of the town
Hornhill An ancient ruined and forgotten fortress dating back to the Crown Wars, used by the refugees from Roban while the party fought Verenia
Spirit rocks An unknown rock formation pointed out to the party as the place where Verenia raised the spirits of the Wood elves as Lizardfolk

People of Interest

Individual Description
Verenia The green dragon Verenia moved into the region and began establishing her powerbase using the Lizardfolk as an army. Having raised the spirits of the ancient woodelves into the form of Lizardfolk some of them revere her as their god Zemuna
Lundsdale Town leader of Roban
Gur’ok Young lizardfolk who aderyn spoke to. He began spreading disent and Verenia forced Aberak to kill him as an example
Eric Yougn alchemist from Roban who attempted to find help against the dragon under the guise of looking for work. Found killed by Verenia after she attacked him and picked him and his horse up and dropped them to their deaths
Sara A young woman found grieving by her brother Eric’s body, She was comforted and brought back to Roban by Arlen with the promise the party would return to right this wrong.
Aberak The elder leading the lizardfolk. Under the control of Verenia through threats of violence to his people he covertly implies to the party that they need to kill Verenia to free them


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