Perth is a small farming village located along the kings road about three days out from The gainsbrough lands.

Places of Note

Location Description
Kneeling Knight Tavern and Inn
Lumios’ Tower Wizard tower located in town. Locked up with the key under a stone and a key word “Ne-o-thera” to disable

People of Interest

Individual Description
Adventuring party Consisting of three individuals, their names were never disclosed.
Wilhem The Mayor – Drunk and overwhelmed he speaks with Arlen at one point about the local issues leading to the investigation of the tower.
Rosemary Had the key to the tower, possible girlfriend of the apprentice
Mindflayer Arcanist mindflayer who had been captured by the wizard Roland who had been studying him
Lumios Local wizard and occupant of his mages tower. Left Perth about 7 months ago after being sent for by the academy in Galgastan
Roland Studying under Lumios. After Lumios left and did not return when expected he began looking around and discovered the mindflayer and that the wards were growing weaker. Fled to find his master around 3 month ago.
The plants A pair of talking plants created to keep Roland company. They are just plants and don’t know much.
Shrub a gruff plant on the second floor that just growled at the party but didn’t do anything further.


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