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The iron empire of Lodis stands to the southwest of Ecanthia as a shining example of tradition and sovereignty. With its large wealth, power and influence, it’s considered among the most powerful kingdoms in the continent. It was founded five hundred ago under Galfas Balmusa otherwise known as the Iron King, when he brought four neighboring kingdoms together in order to repel the looming threat of the now forgotten Ygran Empire in an event later dubbed ‘The Crown War’

Countries and Kingdoms of Ecanthia – Information about the countries within Ecanthia

The Green Vanguard – contains information about the group the Players are currently a part of.

Locations – contains brief descriptions of important locations throughout Lodis.

Families and Nobility – A complete listing of the many families that serve high office and nobility.

Groups and Factions – Listing of different groups, factions both dependent and independent operating within Lodis.

Pantheon – A brief explanation of each of the major deities in the world

100 Years War – Information on the great war that ravaged Ecanthia

Calendar Year – A break down of the calendar year and seasons

Avatars and Oracles – During the Second Age the gods waged a proxy war through their representatives on the material plane, The Avatars and the Oracles

Timeline – A timeline of historical events that have shaped Ecanthia

Main Page

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