A medium sized village that specialize in the trade and upkeep of horses. The village is situated near the border of Izlude and often acts as a final resting point between the two countries. Under the leadership of Baron Robern Wallaster the city has expanded rapidly throughout the years.

This small town was where Algus of Melenbor decided to retire to after the evetns of the 100 years war. Soon after his arrival however he was pressed into accepting a group of orphans from the Massacre of Almoria

A recent attack by the Night Sisters Cult on 14th of Dorhan 1437 briefly opened a connection to the Plane of the Hungry Dead but their ritual was foiled and the anchors destroyed leading to the death of their high priest Oriath. The manor house aged hundreds of years as a side effect and needed to be rebuilt. The fate of the individual impersonating Lord Wallaster is unknown.

Places of Note

Location Description
King’s Bounty Higher quality inn
Broken Peg Lower quality Inn
Wallaster Keep Defended Manor house, home of the Wallaster family
Church of Ayora Main place of worship in Longsaddle, Home to Luci Pendragon
Town Square Large open area that is used for festivals and markets, a very large fountain is situated in the center.
Stables Large stables that fill up during the summer months as the horse trading business seasonally picks up

People of Interest

Individual Description
Simera Serving girl for house Wallaster
Herbert Stablemaster
Algus of Melenbor Scholar and teacher
Ozruk ward of Algus
Luci Pendragon Former ward of Algus, Cleric of Ayora
Braum Former ward of Algus, Blacksmith
Baron Robern Wallaster Local lord in charge of Longsaddle, Desceased, killed by cultists in the events leading up to the attack on Longsaddle and substituted by an imposter
False Robern Wallaster Imposter pretending to be Baron Robern Wallaster, Unknown who this individual was or their fate, they have not been seen since the attack on Longsaddle
Father Alben The head priest, and care taker of the Ayoran Church. Always a warm and welcoming man who became a father figure to Luci through his younger years. Currently: Unknown, assumed to be in the village leading efforts to help those who survived the night of horrors.


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