Once the biggest port out of Izlude and Delenheim, it was a place of high importance for sea faring trade until the relentless attacks by pirates, resulting in little to no business on top of a destroyed reputation. It wasn’t until recently that it has gained back some of the commerce lost, as Balmora’s reputation began to slip. Seen as the gateway into the desert by most travelers, the city has reclaimed a lot of its lost glory in the recent years.

Places of Note

Location Description
Market Square
Ancestral tombs A number of ancient family tombs are located about a day’s ride out of the city. One of these was being used by Theramar to try and build an undead army before the death of the Night Sister caused him to lose control.
Black Market Area down a side alley where the party encounters a dealer of secrets and meet Ryland. This is also the place where the party first encounters the whisperers.

People of Interest

Individual Description
Alliyah Sahari Rashid Za’hali A young fire dancer who contacts the party in order to help clear her family’s tomb from unnatural forces suddenly occupying it when she went to visit it. Later introduced the party to her cousin Warood, hoping to help his situation.
Theramar Allun Za’hali Aka the ‘Flame Speaker’ and counsin of Alliyah & Warood. A powerful arcanist who became one of the Night Sister’s biggest disciples out east. He had planned to create a resurgence of the once powerful cult within Izlude and expand eastward with the help of an undead army at his control. However, once the Night Sister was killed in Balmora, his control over the undead ceased immediately and became a victim of their terror. After confronting the party, he escaped the Tomb via magical means and was not heard of again until Gaspar Craigbeard captured him a few weeks later. Though his fate, remains a mystery.
Abdul Warood Rashid Za’hal A traveling merchant that was on route towards Belka, looking for some sell swords to guard him and his cargo. Warood is a charming young man who’s past has garner him a terrible reputation and was hoping to change his luck via change of scenery. A former member of the Cat’s Paw by the named Howling, he has since left that life behind focusing on living a legitimate life after dishonoring his family for so many years. Last heard as he left Belghast on his way to Belka.
The Broker A fence who dealt in rare artifacts and treasure, unknown to many also a member of the Whispers, but was found out to be selling secrets on the side… and was killed for it by the Order of Whispers
Prince of Whispers An enigmatic figure that hides it’s identity with a silver mask and voice modifier who leads the Order of Whispers. Has shown to be knowledgeable of the Goddess of the Void.
Aamina Matin A cleric of Ayora who was a family friend to both Alliyah and Warood. Little is known of the Izludian cleric, other than she objected Warood’s decision to leave, and that at one point or another they had feelings for one another. Despite her objection he left shortly after. Her current whereabouts are unknown.
Razo’Kul also called the ‘Scourge of the Dessert’ he is vicious and brutal gnoll warlord warlord who terrorizes the northwestern desert with his pack. His fate remains a mystery.


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