Gallione Castle

Gallione Castle

The ancestral home of the Roslion house, Gallione castle overlooks the small hamlet village of Dunbar and the Wyrmwood as it sits upon a small mountain in the midst of plains. The castle was erected over 800 years ago, predating the forming of the empire by about 200 years under Kainard Gallione of the House Gallione. The castle was originally intended to be a military fortress, securing the bottleneck between Lesalia and Delenheim.

Tough the castle may seem small and unrefined compared to others, it is said in its long history, the walls have never been breached and the castle never taken. The castle and its outer walls are made of Galbrado stone, a very rare arcane conduit stone mined from under the castle. The stone made the castle easily wardable, and highly resistant to magical incursions.
The castle was in the care of House Gallione, till it was passed to the Roslion’s about 600 years ago as a result of joint union between Ser Alister Rosleon and Lady Nevia Gallione, merging both great houses.

After Johan Rosleon disappeared the deed passed through unusual circumstances to the ownership of Luci Pendragon and then to the Windlass Family.

More recently the party fought their way inside where a simulacrum of Samwell was discovered who repeated the prophecy of the sleeping king. The caverns underneath the castle were used for a series of experiments on the local villagers where Samwell perfected his chemical concoction to initiate the Dunbar Massacre.

Currently the castle is controlled by the Green Vanguard and the forces of Parn Rosenbach Balmusa

Where is it built?
• On a small mountain overlooking a wide plain, shadowing Dunbar and the Wyrmwood

Who built it?
• House Gallionne before the crown war (over 800 years ago, predating the empire by 200 years)

What sort of condition is it in now?
• good; the castle has been well taken care of. A bit weary, some parts have been expanded and renovated in order to turn it into a castle worthy of diplomatic events

Who occupies it now?
• The Roslion family for the past 600 years, however Ser Johan Roslion has been declared deceased leaving no real heir, and the castle claimed officially by a member of the Pendragon house, in particular a ‘Luci Pendragon’

The position or territory is worth defending because…?
• Bottle necks the Lesalia and Delenheim border

The outer walls and defenses are made of and/or include…?
• Galbrado Stone mined from within the now dried up mines of Gallione, Galbrado is a type of stone that conducts magic through matter much more easily than normal stone. Along its outer wall are a Gatehouse and 3 other towers.
• A series of curtain walls and gatehouses
• A treacherous climb to reach the castle walls.
• Series of arcane wards against divination, teleportation, and outerplanar creatures

The inner keep is made of and/or protected by…?
• Warded walls, and arcane protection against divination, teleportation and encroaching from outer planar creatures.
• A large Gatehouse with multiple murder holes and arrow slits and a large curtain wall.

The castle can be held with a garrison of X guards/soldiers and Y archers/warmages?
• 150 soldiers or guards, 35 knights, and 25 archers and 10 warmages
The castle can hold foodstores for a siege lasting up to one year for Y people?
- 500

People of Interest

Individual Description
Ser Vincent Deryn Commander of the Gray Wolves 7th Legion (human)
Ser Elrich Rosien Commander of the White Dragoons 13th Legion (human)
Allen Seran Lieutenant of the 8th Squadron (Half elf wizard)
Sergeant Owen Tally Sergeant of the 8th Squadron (human)
Sergeant Aliana Oswelt Sergeant of the 10th Squadron (human)
Malor One of Johan’s former fellow adventurer’s and imprisoned in the Elum Crystal found in one of the basement labs of Gallione castle. _ Rylen, Malor, Idoleth, Renan, Natalas_ were never found

Gallione Castle

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