Dunbar is a small town outside of Gallione Castle with a population that at its height was 400-500. Over the last ten years the population has gradually decreased as its main export in lumber has lost market share. Part of the population were workers at nearby Gallione Castle but with a recent extended absence many of the former servants have left for more steady employment.

Many of the houses are solidly built of stonework and heavy woods, given its current state of disrepair from a shrinking population the buildings have held up well.

Some rumors float around about a green dragon named Parallaxis in the region but no confirmed sightings or trouble.

Currently Dunbar is occupied by the armies of Parn Rosenbach Balmusa

The Dunbar Massacre
An attack using an alchemical reagent by the former alchemy merchant Samwell caused the majority of the population to fall into a violent blood thirsty rage and fall upon each other in an orgy of violence. Men, women and children were all affected. This chemical concoction was built up over time through the potions and treatments that he was giving out to the population and using some of the citizens as guinea pigs.

287 citizens died in the violence, only a handful survived in the town and some who were outside of town at the moment of the attack avoided sharing the fate of their friends. 15 soldiers from the White Dragoons 10th company suffered the same fate in a related attack using a modified victim that had been setup as a trap.

Some areas of the town caught fire and burned during the incident but the majority of the town remains intact.
13 individuals survived the massacre including
Ulgard Tolsten,Horik, Jebeddo Ingrid Lurelai, Gus, Robert, Eve, Natty, Ingram, Odel and Ruth.

Places of Note

Location Description
The Brass Wand Main inn run by Melia
City Hall Main office building for local affairs
Samwell’s Draughts Business run by a young older izludian half elf named Samwell selling alchemical supplies.
Chapel Small church of Ayora
Gloria’s General goods store

People of Interest

Individual Description
Romel former castle Gardener
Parallaxis Green dragon rumored to live in the nearby forest dubbed the Wyrmwood, there are no confirmed sightings or trouble.
Charles Bront Mayor of Dunbar – A concerned balding man who stands on the edge of losing hope for his small hamlet (Human)
Samwell Baronet Alchemist of the town – Second of Johan’s agents, he was the mastermind behind the Massacre of Dunbar and Trial 317 (Izludian half elf in appearance)
Gaz, Osho, Vien The Three Imps in his service
Margrave Ymbert Town Crier. A grieving mother who killed her own children under the control of a poison of sorts. It is unknown if she remembered or not… Died in the massacre of Dunbar
Sama Redheaded child of Margrave Ymbert, age 11, Killed during Trial 317 by his mother
Saar Younger child of Margrave Ymbert, age 7, Killed during Trial 317 by her mother
Malia Frowe The Brass Wand’s proprietor – Seemed to be working with Samwell, currently missing after escaping the massacre
Ingrid Lurelai Chamberlain of Gallione Castle (Human) – Alive, but in a comatose state. She is currently under the 8th Unit Medical Care.
Thjostolf Chef of Gallione Castle and later the ‘Brass Wand’ (Human – Turanian ) – Killed in the massacre
Ulgard Tolsten Master of Arms Gallione Castle, A survivor of the massacre, last heard staying in Dunbar


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