Belghast Castle

Ancestral home to the Windlass family, this beautiful castle rest at the base of the mountain ranges that split Delenheim in two. Duke Alphonse Reci Windlass is the current ruler of Belghast castle

The name castle is a bit of a misnomer behind made of three distinct structures, The Griffins Roost, The Beholder tower and the Dragons Hearth. Each of these was named after the creature that was found within. Very old construction that dates back into the second age much of their bulk is underground with floors several stories deep that were once ground level.

The castle is home to the Green Vanguard and houses both a massive library and a sealed room where a magical book records the feats and deeds of every member of the vanguard.

This castle was the site of the Test of Flame where Parn Balmusa demonstrated his claim to the throne before the assembled nobility of the land and put the country on the brink of a civil war.

Places of Note

Location Description
The Beholder tower
The Griffins Roost
Dragons Hearth

People of Interest

Individual Description
Clive Lombard Master of Arms of Belgast castle. Originally the man who welcomed the party in the sudden arrival at Belghast
Vicar Galeran House Stewart – Silver dragon in disguise whose name is Myrolaxis.
Melinda Helisende House Senechal

Belghast Castle

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