Balmora is one of the biggest trade cities in Delenheim, it is one of the major ports of the continent and a big competitor of Komontur. The population of Balmora is approximately 19000, primarily human, though some dwarven, halfbreeds communities live within the diverse districts.

The city was officially ruled by Baron Akard Pavel, son of the Royal Treasurer, Lord Lucas Pavel up until his death in the destruction of Balmora in Feldoren 21th 1437. However, the city was truly ruled by a group of underworld figures named the ‘Sea Lords’. The church of Ayora and Nephtas as well have a strong presence despite being a cesspit of corruption.

The destruction of Balmora
The destruction of Balmora occurred in Feldoren 21th 1437 when the Night Sister corrupted the Church of Ayora to summon the demon lord Malgav. Many citizens had been evacuated by the The party prior to the attack to outside of the city or into safe locations such as at the church of Nephtas which kept casualties much lower than they could have been.

The Avatar of Ifreya made his appearance to deal with the undead attack and to destroy the demon lord before falling in battle himself. His sword was entrusted to the party to deliver to his heir.

Currently the city is under the protection of the Delenheim Security Forces allowing the city to rebuild with the leadership of the remaining Sealords.

The city is divided into 12 sectors:
Balmusa Road, Harborside, Golden Tooth, Temple Lane, Rat’s Cellar, the Mound, St. Gregor’s rise , Salem’s Square, Elanor Square, Sabin Square, Warehouse District, Fish Market, Shipwreck Bay

Places of Note

Location Description
The Broken Sea Horse Tavern
The Gypsy’s Pub
The Hound and Boar
The Hell-hound’s Lodge
The Sea mistress Grogg Drinkwater’s tavern. Either built to look like of built from a ship’s hull. Grogg can usually be found on the upper floor that overlooks the main drinking area. The guards at the door are not fans of tieflings.
Hunter & Goblet An inn close by Balmora to the north

People of Interest

Individual Description
Grogg Drinkwater A famous Slagosian pirate and former Sealord of Balmora. At one point the true ruler of Balmora, Grogg gave up his seat for a multitude of reasons leading him down a self-destructive path. The party was able to talk to him into taking responsibility for the mess he caused and turned a new leaf. During the destruction was one of the leaders of the city’s resistance and was able to save countless lives during the destruction of Balmora.
Hassan Drinkwater One of Balmora’s three sealords and a master shipwright. A man of few but often direct words, after meeting the party and exchanging words with his brother for the first time in years, he was able to put aside his greed during the destruction of Balmora to help survivor’s escape the city, and leading a defense against the horrors walking it’s streets. Currently leading efforts to rebuild his city once again.
Barbas Donbard One of the former Sealords and Grogg’s most trusted friend in his youth. Though his death is still a mystery, his presence was both felt and feared throughout the city by the actions of his right hand man and local slumlord Bartholomew.
Sabina Brend Former sealord who ruled the docks with a fiery temper. She died engaging a dracolich over Balmora while trying to buy time for the boats to escape harbor.
Sarim Crowley Hierarch of the Church of Nephtas, perished in the city’s destruction while defending the Church from the undead horde that walked the streets.
Merzul Hemmel Hierarch of the Church of Ayora, died during the calamity, perhaps killed by Dumas presumably
Dumas an imposing Half Orc who was the head of the city watch, later turned into an undead hybrid to protect the Night Speaker’s ritual. He was slain at the church of Ayora by the party.
Zogthras Stonereaver Head of the Dwarven Community and Crafter’s Union, he survived the destruction and later on became one of the survivor’s most trusted leaders. Currently leads the reconstruction efforts of the city.
Cardinal Barnabeth One of the five high cardinals of the Church of Ayora, was in the city for unknown reasons working with Alan Pierce
Alan Pierce aka Johan Roselion was in the city for unknown reasons that were later revealed to be connected to the Flame of War. He was also supporting and assisting the Night Sister but the reasons for this connection are still unknown
Hiearch Hemil Former head of the church of Ayora in Balmora, He was effectively forced into retirement with the arrival of the cardinal and Alan Pierce, Died during the defense of Balmora
Othos A young dwarf who found the flame of war and was being forced into assisting Bartholomew in keeping the mines running. Killed by Bart
Bartholomew more commonly known as Bart he is a slumlord and the right hand man of Barbas Donbard. A known collector of artifacts and relics
Zoot Gatch A powerful underworld character, said to be a man that has connections all throughout the Balmora.
Paturo Highest Alcyolte of the church of Nephtas in Balmora
Baron Akard Pavel Baron lord of Balmora


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