A small village in Deleheim a few hours from the Izludian border. Off of the main paths and fairly isolated. It was attacked and destroyed by unknown assailants 11 years prior in the year 1426. Some children were out playing in the woods and survived the initial attack and they were able to help rescue 4-5 others from one of the burning buildings.

This event became known as “The Massacre of Almoria” The attackers have never been conclusively identified however clues suggesting connections to the Night Sisters Cult and the Pendragons have emerged.

Two potential targets of the attack have been uncovered, Parn had been placed in the care of the village as a baby and it may have been an assasination attempt. The second target was an artifact known as the Flame of War that an ousted branch of the Pendragon family took from Greywater.

The orphans of the attack were placed in the care of Algus of Melenbor in Longsaddle.

People of Interest

Individual Description
Samael Pendragon Former member of the Pendragon family who renounced his claim and left due to his marriage to the elven woman Elora. died during the Almoria Masacre
Elora Pendragon Elvish wife of Samael, they left the main family due to their marriage. died during the Almoria Masacre
Luci Pendragon Local lord’s child
Braum Human boy, notable even at an early age for his courage and willingness to help
Xanaphus Wood elf child, Her parents had not been in town during the attack
Ozruk Abandoned tiefling raised by the local midwife
Parn Leader of the group of kids, was taken away by Duke Windlass for training.
Gavin Lighthearted and mischievious boy who would take the loss hard and disappeared from longsaddle. Disappeared from longsaddle, current status unknown
Mariam Elderly midwife who adopted the baby Ozruk. died during the Almoria Masacre


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