Important Locations

Lesalia (Central)

Royal City of Loderam – High seat of Lodis, at its heart towers the luxurious keep who houses the royal family. Home of many important locations, none more important than the Royal Academy for the Magical Arts, famous for producing Elibus, mage hero of the 100 Years War.
Merchant City of Bernevia – Commonly called the Bastard City, Bernevia is the second largest city in the kingdom and it’s wealthiest. Sitting at the crossroads of the kingdom it became known as one of the greatest trade cities in the world, its reputation spreads far and wide. The wealthy city grew into a melting pot of culture and a place of commerce and intrigue. Known for its famous market places, guilds, thriving threater and Palace of Commerse, the former home of the Balmusa family.
Eagrose Castle – A northern magically enforced fortress built during the Hundred Years’ War to prevent Galgastani Invasion from across the Rhanan Strait. It’s the center of military strength of Lodis and the seat of the Bakram Knights.
Glabados – Site of High Saint Funebre’s execution over 900 years ago. A large bustling city has grown around the former fortress and has become a holy shrine for many followers of the goddess of light.
Mullond – Also known as the White City, it is the holy center of the Church of Ayora and its seat of power. Built in the middle of a lake, the White City gets its name for the distinct fortified large walls made of alabaster Grabado stone and the large chappels made of marble that glisten in the sunlight.
Malagast Woods – An ancient sprawling forest covering the central Lesalian region and inhabited by a variety of rare fauna. Predating the kingdom, Malagast Woods is said to be the former home of the now extinct Melnorel. Some say the forest is alive but its interior remains to be explored fully
Grogh Heights – The largest farm belt in the Lesalia region. Most of the crops harvested here are destined for the capital city.
Lothric’s Keep – One of the largest fortified castle of Lesalia, home of the Gainsborough family for over 900 years. Known as Lothric’s Wall for it’s 40ft Walls built against the mountain range it’s a said to be near impregnable until Galfas Balmusa during the War of the Crown.
Stillreach – Heralded as the Rose city, it’s one of the biggest cities of Lesalia located in the Gainsborough Thaneship. Originally a major trading center for silk and wool, Stillreach developed into the fashion capital of Lodis, and arguably the entire continent of Ecanthia.
Bokav- small hamlet located a half days journey off the road running between Servilla and Dunbar. Common stop over point for travelers who are not in a rush.
Perth – Small town on the Kingsroad
Rhonear – Tiny farm village a days ride out of Mullond
Servilla – Former gold mining town located in the eastern marshes of the Pendragon Thaneship
Roban – Small isolated farming village in the wyrmwood near the border between Delenhiem and the Gainsbrough Thaneship

Folstam (North East)
Warden: Duke Malfus Lambert

Limberry Castle – Seat of house Lambert, more of fortress than castle, the keep overlooks Bernabeth Bay and the border of Galgastan.
Zekaden Fortress – A natural fortress surrounded on three sides by sheer cliffs. Served as a first line of defense during the 100 Years’ War.
Berset – The only merchant port in Folstam, this city developed as a port of transit for trade on the Bugross Sea.
Vaguewood – Two-century-old yugue trees still grow here, but even this primeval forest was not spared from the ravages of war.
Walled City of Olun – A fortress city with some ten centuries of history, protected by thick stone walls built to repel invaders. Built to protect continent of Folstam from the Holy Ygran Empire dating the second cataclysm

Lionel (West)
Warden: Duke Leonar Folmav’

Fovoham Castle – High seat of Duke Folmav, This large fortress, said to be older than any other in the continent overlooks its city as it faces the west.
Hesmar – A mining town where mechanical weapons are crafted using techniques passed down from antiquity. The city exports most of the countries gold and iron.
Wheystead- One of the most affluent cities of all Ecanthia, Wheystead’s green fields produce many popular vintages known throughout the continent. Renowned as a city of leisure and extravagant luxury it’s often called ‘The Lilac City’ for it’s many purple colored rooftops and domes.
Beauclair Castle – Ancestral home of the Renault Family, liege lords of Wheystead and the Highlands.
Urford Fortress – Often nicknamed ‘The Wolf Wall’, a large fortress that guards the western continent from Loderam in the old days overlooking the neck.
Lemonde – rumored to be the place where the last Void avatar laid his mortal body to sleep, the city holds an air of mysticism.

Deleheim (South East)
Warden: Duke Alphonse Windlass

Belghast Castle – Ancestral home to the Windlass family, this beautiful castle rest at the base of the mountain ranges that split Delenheim in two.
Balmora – The center of trade with Delenheim and one of the biggest ports of the east. It has profited greatly against it’s rival city Komontur and grown into one of the largest cities in Delenheim
Komontur – A former trade city of Izlude and containing one of the biggest oasis and fertile lands near the mouth of the Mareen dessert as well as a large sized port for sea trade. The city caused one of the greatest wars between the Deleheim and Izlude in its infancy.
Gallione Castle – An elevated castle built atop a low mountain, this fortress serves as a gateway to the province of Lodis from the east. Home of the Roslion family
Dunbar – A small town located near Gallione Castle, exports wood products and is a home to the civillian workforce of Gallione.
Wyrmwood Forest – An expansive forest that covers much of the northern coastline bordering near the Lesalian border. Named after the ancient green dragon named Parthanax, it’s famous for the wood harvested there commonly called ‘Ironwood’ for it’s sturdiness, and dark color. .
Yastapur – An old walled city overlooking fertile fields, who until recently was found to be built upon a ruin. Tunnels upon tunnels under the city bringing explorer’s from all over hoping for riches.
Almoria – A small village resting near the border between Izlude and Lodis that was put to the sword. The ‘masacre of Almoria’ rocked Delenheim at the closing of the great war as it’s cultrips were never found and never heard from again.
Telus – Small fishing village northwest of Longsaddle
Longsaddle – Horse trading town along the trade routes towards Izlude. Located near the mountain passes it sits in an ideal spot.
Eagle’s Crest – A reclusive fortress in the Earth Spine Mountains, dating back to when there were open hostilities between Delenheim and Izlude.

Za’Velan – A small town/outpost along the trade routes resting in the Mareen dessert.

Important Locations

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