The majority of druids of Ecanthia exist in one of five druidic circles called Covenants. Each covenant has a specific role in over seeing the well-being of the natural order, working independently from each other however, they are known to work together at times when needed. Each covenant is lead by elders called ‘Arane’, who are speakers on behalf of the covenants and have open communication with civilizations.

Whispering Leaf
The oldest and wisest of the covenants, the Whispering Leaf are the leaders of all other covenants. Originally founded by Menari, the last oracle of Taitanos, by bringing together various tribes together in the second age. Since then, the Whispering Leaf has held it’s position as protectors of all nature and animal said. Nobody, outside of a selected few Arane know where to find their home, Evershade Groove an elder tree where the legendary bear spirit Broken fang resides.

Willow Oak
Protectors of nature and keepers of ‘The Grove’. Willow Oak tend to be known as the most aggressive and militant covenant in pursuing their goal of keeping the balance in nature by any means necessary. They are often seen as antagonistic, threatening, and combative, however their wisdom and insight is often held in high esteem. Oddly enough they are one of the most social orders since they will often interact with outside groups to define boundaries and ensure that nature isn’t harmed.

Stag Heart
Not much is known of the Stag Heart covenant, other than they act as spiritual leaders for all the conclaves. Separated from the traditional pantheons of Ecanthia, they focus on the connection between the spirit realm and the nature spirits. Staghearts are easily recognizable by their garb they fashion for themselves. This includes the crown of stag antlers, facemask and Briarheart seed amulet they wear publicly.

Blood Moon
Most reclusive and secretive of the covenants, the Blood Moons keep to themselves for the most part, preferring to work from the shadows, undisturbed by civilization. Their mission and goals is one that remains a mystery to many.

Gate Keepers
The Gatekeepers are seen as a reclusive covenant who task themselves with the eternal watch of threats to the material realm from the extra dimensional and tracking planar movements. Tasked with guarding the portals of the wild that survived the cataclysm, they take their duty very seriously. Though reserved by nature, they are often working in cohorts with outsiders in order to achieve their goals.


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