Elibus Malzaram

Legendary Hero of the 100 Year War


Titles: Savior of Lodis, The Keeper, Arcmage of Lodis, Reality Bender, Sage of Aldoran
Age: Uknown
Affiliations: Lodis, Green Vanguard
Race: Human (Galgastanian/Lesalian)
Class: Wizard
Known Aliases: Algus of Melenbor – Sage of Arindel, many others


A legendary wizard and hero of the 100 Year War. Much of his younger days has been either forgotten to history or lost completely. What few records remain however are his enrollment in the Royal Academy for the Magical Arts, early graduation and immediately joining the war effort Against Galgastan.

Though his actions in the war remain confidential, eye witness accounts of his deeds began to circulate quickly and wildly, some bordering on the legendary, creating a myth the man was never comfortable with. After the war, Elibus Malzaram the Sage of Aldoran discreetly retired from service and the public eye.

Elibus Malzaram

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