Arlen Valette

The Redeemer


Age: 27

Race: Aasimar

Hair: Dark brown (almost black), Straight

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Height: 6’1’’

Class: Paladin – Oath of Devotion

Background: Acolyte

Affiliations: Church of Ajorah, Order of the Morning Lance, The Silver Gauntlet, Green Vanguard (unofficial).

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“Say what you will about destiny but our meeting was no coincidence. We were meant to come together.” -Arlen


Arlen was first found on the doorstep of an Ajoran convent in the city of Glabados. He was taken in and raised along with the other orphans, where his austere demeanor and otherworldly appearance intimidated many of his peers. As such he was often left alone to his studies, which suited him just fine.

Through his studies he eventually caught the eye of Gustav Reinhardt, a paladin in service to Lodis’ Silver Gauntlet. This man saw potential in Arlen, and took him on as a squire. For the first time in his life Arlen had not only a mentor but a friend. Through rigorous training Arlen worked to make his mentor proud, which he did when he was inducted into the 2nd Order of the Morning Lance. Thus he became a Justicar like the man who helped raise him.

As a Justicar Arlen sought those in need of aide or assistance. Be it travelers needing protection or struggling villagers, Arlen always felt that the most good was done through helping others rather than smiting evil. It was not long before he ingratiated himself to the public and made friends among his peers throughout the church. With his mentor and Goddess at his side, it seemed there was nothing he couldn’t do.

The Letters

One day Gustav was sent as part of Cardinal Barnabeth’s excursion to Balmora. Arlen would not have given it another thought were it not for his mentor’s letters. In the weeks that followed Gustav wrote to Arlen about the Cardinal’s unusual behavior. His concern grew to worry when a man named Alan Pierce appeared and spoke with the cardinal as if they were long time friends. The following days he grew suspicious of this newcomer, especially when he and the Cardinal would keep to themselves for a long time. As Gustav arrived in Balmora Gustav said he would investigate further, and wanted Arlen to await further information.

The next time Arlen heard from his mentor, it was through the church. He was told his mentor perished during what the church called “The Balmora Tragedy.” Not long after that, heard that a cleric of Ajorah named Luci Pendragon instigated the incident and killed Cardinal Barnabeth, as well as summoned a demon to the city.

It was apparent from Gustav’s messages that there was far more to this story than presented. However, when Arlen appealed to the higher ups for answers they rebuked his investigations as folly. Soon after he was separated from his troops and home then reassigned to watch over a small abbey.

Arlen knew the church was withholding the truth but he had no idea how next to pursue it. With his men and his resources gone, he spent days agonizing over something he could seemingly do nothing about. He came close to accepting his new post when he received his mentor’s sword. In that moment he remembered his mentor’s words and asked his overseer if he could become a Hospitallier. Seeing the determination on the man’s face was all the persuasion the priest needed to grant his request.

He wasted no time in setting out. In the days that followed he sought out friends both within and outside the church for information on what happened. He learned Luci Pendragon had bought Gallione castle a few days before the Balmora incident, and that he had died while his companions went missing. Chasing rumors, he was led to a group consisting of a female blue skinned teifling, a human who carries himself like a dwarf, and a half elf wizard.

He knows not what he will find, but he’s made his choice and will the face the consequences, no matter what they may be.

The So-Called Valiants

He found the group in a tavern on his way to Balmora. After interrogating Braum and Ozruk in his own room he realized his mentor’s death was the result of a much bigger picture than he anticipated. As such, the only course of action he felt he could take was to follow them on their adventures, feeling that they may be the only ones who could shine some light into this situation.

Throughout the journey to Servilla they didn’t trust him. This suited him fine as he was used to being treated as a peripheral, and felt he was more content learning about them from their own interactions. He found himself enjoying their antics, and even deigned to let his own personality show a few times.

In Servilla he learned the group had some sort of vendetta against the Pendragons. With their goals coinciding he swore himself to secrecy of their mission. Over the course of the last few days he gleaned the various connections they had with the Savior of Lodis, Elibus, the Dukes and royal court, and the Avatars of the second age. After his run in with a Rakshasa the party deduced it to be the culprit behind Gainsborough’s kidnapping and Servilla’s conflict.

They opted to take the young boy back home where they earned an audience with his mother, Lady Gainsborough. It was in Steelridge he met two more members of the group the so called Valients called allies. He was surprised to learn one of them was none other than the head of the Black Ram Knights. At a loss for their next assignment, they learned the next place they must go is none other than Mullond.

Convincing the Gainsboroughs.

Though he won’t admit it to the group, Arlen dreads going to Mullond. As his teacher once said: beware the brightest lights for they cast the darkest shadows.

In Pence Arlen found a distraction from his thoughts in the form of Lumios’ Tower. His companions unearthed that the tower sat atop a series of caverns full of foreign fauna and flora. At the heart of it was an imprisoned Mind Flayer. Deciding the issue was more trouble than it was worth, Arlen had the group speak with the mayor, alerted the man to the threat below, and encouraged the townspeople to vacate the premises. Though disappointed he couldn’t see it through he was happy knowing the townspeople were safe.

At the next town they found a hot spring for the night. He and Enrico bonded over the lack of direction they’ve felt as well as personal experiences of feeling left out or out of place. Arlen admitted to Enrico he once had a lover: a well off woman from Algonath. He admitted he chose his life goal over her, but often wonders how she’s doing.

After the bathhouse he and his companions met the Prince of Whispers. He learned of his mentor’s connection, and that he must find further truth in a follower of Sakerai.

At the Elise’s Rest he met an archivist for Mullond. He learned his mentor was trying to uncover a plot in which the Cardinals are behind, and that his mentor died on his last mission knowing full well what would become of him.

Gustav, as he learned, discovered deep within Funebras’ vault, is none other than the Morning Lance itself, trapped and forced to power an arcane mechanism. The five cardinals answer to, supposedly, Chancellor Dolph Reeds, who seems to be making a power play of some sort. What it meant for the nation he did not know, but it has made Arlen more determined to find out.

The Redeemer?

The Archivist called Arlen “The Redeemer,” claiming it was his role to save the church from themselves. What that means to him is unknown.

Currently he is travelling with the group, and knows that before he undertakes his quest, he mist help his friends with theirs.

The March Forward

While accompanying Parn on the meetup with Lady Gainsborough the party came across a mourning girl. From what the party deduced they were being pressured by an unseen force. Upset he can’t stay and help, Arlen gave the father of the mourning girl his entire coinpurse in hope it would buy the townspeople enough time for him and the party to return.

The dragon that terrorizes the village is currently what’s on his mind.


Gustav Reinhardt

Gustav was his mentor and dear friend. When they first met he was the only one who did not see him as an angelic aberration but as an eager student of the cloth.

When he died Arlen took it very hard. He spent weeks depressed and feeling hopeless. It was not until he was gifted his mentor’s sword that he regained his courage to throw aside prestige for the sake of the greater good.

He recently learned that his mentor was trying to uncover a conspiracy within the church. Upon learning the truth he swore to resolve his mentor’s plans and uncover whatever plot Dolph Reeds had instrumented.

Beatrice Lavorell

Arlen first met Beatrice when they were both twelve years old, and it was love at first sight. The two respected and complimented one another’s personalities, and when their age was appropriate he courted her openly and singlemindedly. He never cared or noticed the advances of anyone else, even during his long absences during his squire training.

Eventually he made a choice to become a justicar, and in doing so broke off his relationship with her. He knows she still resides in Algonath. He has not spoken to her since due to personal reasons.


Since the events in Servilla Arlen has come to greatly care for her. She’s proven herself more than worthy of handling serious situations and now that she’s gained a different patron her powers garner intrigue rather than worry.

His only complaint is that she could stand to not be such a downer. He bought her a boot knife in case she gets kidnapped.


Braum is the largest man Arlen has ever met. He finds his stalwart attitude and forthright demeanor a pleasant change from Ozruk’s paranoia. Braum reminds him of a few other people who went through Justicar training.

When he left the group Arlen felt there must have been something he needed to do. He hopes to see him again one day.


Arlen has an idea of why Sylthana dislikes him and he knows he can’t do anything about it. Instead he chooses to lead by example and hope the rest will fall into place. So far he finds her attachment to Ozruk sweet for a woman so stone faced.

She once asked him for help on blending into his religion’s culture and it made his day.


He finds the halfling’s joyful demeanor a refreshing deviation from the usually dour party. He would rather steer clear of the man’s carousing, for fear of needing to intervene.

The two shared a bonding moment, discussing drinks and past escapades while poking fun at those not present. Arlen finds that though he and Enrico differ on what’s best in life, he nevertheless respects the man for his candor and willingness to adventure.


Quiet and observant Aderyn strikes Arlen as the sort that prefers to be seen and not heard. He appreciates that she actually regards him with some level of trust and amicability. Most of the time he wonders what exactly is she thinking for he knows she has more to say than she lets on.

He bought her a boot knife in case she gets kidnapped.

King Parn

Having heard much about the encumbant king Arlen wondered if the man truly lived up to the legend. When he met the man he seemed otherworldly in stature, and with so many great and decorated men following him Arlen found himself in awe of this man.

After spending time with him, Arlen now believes the legends don’t come close to describing Parn. Not only does he command his army with humility and gravitas, he understands the needs of his people. In a lot of ways Arlen sees himself in Parn, not only in setting aside personal desires for a higher cause but in knowing that people have a hard time seeing the man for the man rather than the prestige.

Arlen Valette

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