The Green Vanguard


The Green Vanguard is a secretive order of warriors marshaled by the Windlass family during the One hundred Years War. As the war raged with Galgastan up north, Richard Windlass, bound by oath to use all his available resources towards the war effort, often felt he was leaving his own people unprotected.

Founded over 68 years ago as a response, the Vanguard was recreated with the sole purpose of protecting the common people from threats both domestic and foreign. Acting as an independent order and outside of Lodisian oath, they could operate without being called to the front lines.

Secretive by nature, many of the vanguard’s greatest exploits were either purposely played down or turned into local legends by their own agents, often attributing deeds to nameless heroes or different people all together. The knowledge of their deeds will forever remain unknown as they sought no reward or recognition for their duty, only to be kept in their records. For years they held the line, and successfully kept the peace till the great war’s end, to which they were ‘officially’ disbanded but remained ever active in the shadows.

Despite the Vanguard’s long standing history, most of the order members have fallen in the line of duty. At their height they were over 100 people strong…now the vanguard stands as a shadow of their former glory, trying to hold a kingdom together as it stands at the precipices of a civil war.

Titles: The Black Wind, Sevar
Race: Changeling (Izludian)
Age: Unknown
Affiliations: Green Vanguard, White Dragoons
Melita is the soft spoken Lieutenant of the Green Vanguard. She rarely speaks, but her words carry a lot of weight. Though her specialties are infiltration, information gathering and hand to hand combat she is a capable combat leader. Always the outsider, Melita does not tend to involve herself with others, save for Parn.

‘Gaspar’ Craigbeard
Real Name: Mythos the Mythender
Age: 500+ Rumored.
Race: Deep Runed Dwarf (Belkan)
The eyes of the Vanguard, Gaspar is a man of few words and even less patience. As one of the oldest members of the Vanguard he carries his senior duties on his shoulders. Though his demeanor is that of a gruff and difficult man, deep down he is one of the most loyal and caring members of the order who always looks after his comrades.

Kalana Ivorieth
Age: 71
Race: High Elf (Taranathian)
An exceptionally talented sorceress originally hailing from Tharanath. Kalana’s past is a dark one that set her in the path of adventuring. Refusing to doom those around her she traveled far and often, helping where she could, never staying too long. In her travel’s she met Johan and Gaspar and assited in the eradication of evil necromancer cells during her travels in Lodis. Impressed by her actions, she was invited into the Vanguard at Johan’s behest. After battle of the Verenian Fields, Kalana became the Vanguard’s head Arcanist after the death of Elibus.

Talim Iba’Salim Marezad
Age: 29
Race: Human (Izludian)
A talented Izludian Cleric of Ayora (Aun) who serves Izlude as ambassador for the Fatima dynasty. Though known as a peaceful mediator she is fiercely loyal to House Windlass for reasons unknown. As known orator and diplomat she acts as the spokesperson for the Vanguard at times.

Randyll Moore
Age: 22?
Race: Half Elf (Delenian)
A young charismatic bard who’s good nature gets him into trouble with a murky if not confusing background. Following in his father’s footsteps he joined the Vanguard hoping to become a Lore keeper.

As part of the misinformation team, Randyll is an expert manipulator, and shows an exceptional talent of recalling information. After Elibus’ death he has officially taken over as Lore Keeper for the Vanguard.

Brunhild the Unbreakable
Age: 30
Race: Human (Turian) Clan Lothberak
After earning a fierce reputation throughout the land as a mercenary, she settled down in Delenheim for unknown reasons. A woman of tall stature with an unending appetite for fighting, ale and adventure, she acted as the primary defender of the Vanguard and it’s master of arms.

It was discovered she once held the rank of Valkyrie for a clan in her homeland, though her reasons for leaving are still unknown. She died valiantly, defending her brothers and sisters in the Verenian Fields.

Age: Unknown
Race: Lightfoot Halfing (Slagosian)
The vanguards acquisition’s expert, quartermaster and master of whispers. The halfling known as Denam tends to speak faster than his brain can catch up…while his hands work even faster. A man of capable means, he was once the head of the Cat’s Paw, his expertise of legerdemain, thievery and the arcane made him a man with many resources at his disposal. Always quick with a joke and a smile, Denam is an avid gambler and showman.

Lady Ravness Lynette Renault
Age: 29
Race: Aasimir (Lodisian)
Ravness is what many consider an oddity in the noble caste. Youngest daughter of the Renault linage, she left her pampered station for a much different life. She joined the Royal Academy of Magical Arts at a young age and opted to become a full fledged soldier during her studies. A highly decorated knight and skilled tactician, she rose through the ranks quickly becoming an officer and gaining entry into the famous Black Ram Knights. During her time with the Vanguard she has proven to be a capable warrior and renown strategist and a mighty powerful asset.

During the start of the War of the Four Beast, she was appointed Commander of the Delenheim’s Order of the Dragon. Her name has become famous after the Battle of the Verenian Fields.

Mysha Gastrag
Age: Unknown, beyond 2,000 pressumably.
Race: Forest Gnome
Once a powerful Arane of the Willow Oak covenant, she has risen as ‘The Voice’ of the Whispering Leaf after taking the mantle from her mother Menari. She is often treated as an outsider out of a combination of fear and respect, a condition she wouldn’t have it any other way. A gnome of few words, her insight is often the most respected within the order, and no one would question her advice. Mysha, along Gaspar are amongst the order’s oldest members.

Known former members

Johan Roslion
Age: Unknown
Race: Human, Lodisian (Lesalian)
A prodigy out of the Royal Academy of Magical Arts who became a renown adventurer through his earlier years. During the final stages of the Great War, Johan became the heir to the Roslion fortune after his brother perished in the front lines. Finding himself thrust into the world of politics, he became quite the capable politician, enabling him to move through the courts without suspicion acting as the eyes and ears of the order. Johan’s true intent was found out under the ruins of Galan and was destroyed by the awoken Avatar Maximillian the Firebringer.
Though long dead, his plans seem to be entrenched far and deeper than originally thought, leaving behind a large shadow the party is slowly uncovering.
Known Assosciates: Samuel Ithros, an alchemist from the hamlet of Dunbar

The Green Vanguard

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