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The iron empire of Lodis stands to the southwest of Ecanthia as a shining example of tradition and sovereignty. Counting it’s large wealth, power and influence, it’s considered among the most powerful kingdoms in the continent. Founded over five hundred ago by Galfas Balmusa, also known as the Iron King in an event called ‘The Crown War’ he brought four neighboring kingdoms together under one banner to unify against the expanding threat of the Holy Ygran Empire.

Lodis Information:
War of the Three Beast – The Civil War enveloping the kingdom
Locations of InterestListing of locations throughout Lodis
Nobility and FamiliesA brief explanation of the Royal Office and houses of nobility
Factions and GroupsListing of groups, factions operating in and out the kingdom

Historical Information:
Timeline -_ Important historical events that have shaped Bravora_
Avatars / Heroes of the Second Age
Valiants – The Fatetouched of the first Age

World Information:
Countries of Ecanthia
Pantheon/Religions of Bravora
Calendar Years and Seasons
Terminology / Important Terms

Main Page

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