Lodisian Nobility, Titles, and Rank

The King owns all the land of Lodis, and grants the Grand Dukes sovereignty to rule over their own lands. In turn the Dukes rely on their vassals like counts, marquis and barons to uphold their laws and take care of the land that was granted to them. Most of the families listed have a long history, some far older than the founding of Lodis, with multiple bloodlines and heraldry.


King: Balthier Rosenbach Balmusa 4th of his name
Queen: Marian Katelyn Windlass Balmusa
Princess: Agatha Delphi Balmusa of houses Balmusa and Windlass

High Office

Chancellor: Lord Dolph Reeds
King’s Justice: Lord Robert Renault
Chamberlain : Lord Edwin Rosien
Treasurer Lord Lucas Pavel
High Priest: His Holiness Marcel Funeras
General: Lord Helmas Arminus
Prime Minister: Lord Dominique Parcel
Court Arcanista – Mearad
Head of Entharum- Selminas Narus
Court Jester – Velian the Silver

Nobility & Families by Region

Families of Note:


Lodisian Nobility, Titles, and Rank

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