Lodisian Nobility, Titles, and Rank

The King owns all the land of Lodis, and grants the Grand Dukes sovereignty to rule over their own lands. In turn the Dukes rely on their vassals like counts, marquis and barons to uphold their laws and take care of the land that was granted to them. Most of the families listed have a long history, some far older than the founding of Lodis, with multiple bloodlines and heraldry.


King: Balthier Rosenbach Balmusa 4th of his name

Queen: Marian Katelyn Windlass Balmusa
Princess: Agatha Delphi Balmusa of house Windlass

High Office

Chancellor: Lord Dolph Reeds
King’s Justice: Lord Robert Renault
Chamberlain : Lord Edwin Rosien
Treasurer Lord Lucas Pavel
High Priest: His Holiness Marcel Funeras
General: High Lord Maran Beckett
Prime Minister: Lord Dominique Parcel
Court Arcanista – Mearad
Head of Entharum- Selminas Norell
Court Jester – Velian the Silver

Nobility & Families by Region


Title Name Note
Count Canorr Pendragon the 3rd Lord of Graywater Hold (Pendragon)
Count Maran Beckett Lord of Carnath Keep (Beckett)
Count Allenar Cadmus Lord of Bruckstone Hold (Cadmus)
Countess Agrias Gainsborough Lady of Lothric’s Wall (Gainsborough)
Marquis Loram Balbatos Lord of Croft Stronghold (Balbatos)
Countess Ovelia Almar Lady of Bartham Keep (Almar)
Marquis Aldren Delmore Lord Regent of Cordia and Bervenvia (Cordia)
Marquis Lemar Beltier
Marquis Dominique Parcel Prime Minister
Baron Dolan
Baron Reeds
Baron Henri Messam Former lord of Vasque
Baron Anmar Clemens (Tiefling)
Ser Cliu Pendragon Heir to the Pendragon House
Lady Maelynn Vilayet (Aesemir)
Lady Kashell Vilar
Ser Kashell Ludos
Ser Frederic Galter
Ser Liam Balbos
Ser Olamm Trent
Ser Rodrik Calester


Title Name Note
Duke Leonar Folmav Grand Duke of Lionel
Count Robert Renault King’s Justice, Lord of Beauclair Castle
Count Stienberg
Count Fendsor
Marquis Welhorn
Marquis Amon
Baron Wiegraf
Baron Arris
Baron Lisbon


Title Name Note
Duke Alphonse Windlass Grand Duke of Delenheim
Count Thomas Hyran Lord of Hadren Castle (Bulwark of the East)
Count Ellan Duran Lord of Engramm Hall (Bulwark of the North)
Count Silas Folles Lord of Luvien Castle (Bulwark of the South)
Count Johan Roslion Lord of Gallione (Bulwark of the West) (deceased)
Marquis Lord Edwin Rosien Lord of Riverrun
Marquis Elman Orlean Lord of Crowsfall Castle
Marquis Malsam Almdore Lord of Almdore Castle
Marquis Orenzo
Marquis Jelanda Artolia Lady of House Artolia and watcher of Servale
Baron Akard Pavel Baron lord of Balmora (deceased)
Baron Harmar Wallaster Lord of Longsaddle
Baron Lezard Harlaw
Baroness Llewelyn Harlaw (half elf)
Ser Elrich Rosien Commander of the White Dragoons 13th Legion
Ser Vincent Darys Commander of the Gray Wolves 7th Legion (half elf)


Title Name Note
Duke Malfus Lambert Grand Duke of Folstam
Count Barnath
Count Ronwey
Count Greywind
Marquis Locke
Marquis Durwell
Marquis Blackmont
Baron Clemens
Baron Belias
Baron Hashemal

Lodisian Nobility, Titles, and Rank

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