Groups and Factions

Holy Order of the Bakram Knights – The main host of Lodis, dating back to the kingdom’s founding. also referred as the ‘Red Shields’ for their emblazoned heraldry stitched unto their white cloaks.Made up from contingents of all the four sovereigns and led by Highlord Beckett.

Black Rams Knights – The oldest and most decorated of all knight orders even predating the crown wars. Called the pride of Lodis, the Black Rams are very selective of their ranks, as they believe each member of their ranks has to personify the ideals a knight should strive for.

Order of Calastra -The Royal Guard – An elite group of knights who serve as protectors to the royal family and royal palace. They accompany the royal family at all times, never leaving their charge’s side.

Order of St. Thames – Blue Cloaks – The security detail of the Royal City of Loderam, distinguished by their shimmering azure blue cloaks with four white spades attached to their right shoulder. Their numbers are large as they control and administers the king’s peace.

The Entharum – The highest office any arcanist can achieve for the exemption of Court Arcanista. ‘The Fourteen’ as they are often called, are seen as reserved group who rarely make public appearances, but rumored to wield nearly unlimited power, earning them a bit of distrust by the common folk.

Order of the Red Raven – A reclusive order of warriors clad in red scales and cloaks. Rarely called into service, only in the most dire of situations, they are the elite task force of the Lodisian army. Their actions or involvement are kept secret. It is said when they are seen…fear & strife often follows.

The Three Orders of Lodis

Delenheim – Order of the Dragon
Order of the East Wind – White Dragoons – The main host under Duke Windlass. Known for their alabaster adorned armor, they carry the sigil of the dragon proudly.

Gray Wolves Company – A famous company of elite soldiers formed in the later stages of the 100 Years war. Known as remarkable scouts, they work tandem with the White Dragoons as their eyes and ears.

The Blades – Duke Windlass’ personal guard and retinue. They rarely leave Belghast castle and are seldom seen without their lord.

The Green Vanguard – A small secretive order of peacekeepers formed during the 100 Years war, with the singular purpose of protecting Delenheim from threats, both domestic and foreign while operating outside of conventional law.

Delenheim Security Force – a small contingent of soldiers tasked with keeping the King’s peace in major cities throughout Delenheim.

Folstam – Order of the Bear
Order of the North Wind – The Adalbern – The main host of Folstam under Duke Lambert. Despite its smaller size, they make up in resourcefulness and tenacity.

Ursine Company – The Duke’s regiment of personal guards and retinue, made up of only soldiers who served alongside Malfus and his family during the100 years’ war.

Shieldbrothers of Whurfelm – An order of warriors who came to fame during the great war. Earning a reputation of being nigh indestructible, the Galgastanians decided to test it…and learned firsthand not to question their reputation. The Shieldbrothers operate without impunity, honor bound to defend Folstam with their lives. It is said, one of the Shieldbrothers count for 10 mainlanders.

Band of the Black Dog – Once a mercenary trope from Lothar, they settled in Folstam and have grown a prestigious reputation as patriotic warriors during the 100 years’ war. After the war, the band was indoctrinated into the host and turned into a full fledge knight order.

Lionel – Order of the Lion
Order of the West Wind – Golden Lions – Main host of Lionel and the largest of all the three orders, it is lead by Duke Leonard Folmav

Roderan Guard – Folmav’s personal guard and confidants. The Rodenran guard is as old as Lionel itself, and rank among the most prestigious knight orders in all of Lodis. They are never seen without their liedgelord.

Lance of the Highland – The finest cavalry of the empire, ‘The Lances’ have a long and illustrious history despite their smaller size compared to other orders. Their mounts are said to be among the finest of all the land, prized for their intelligence and their speed.

The Iron Brothers – One of the bigger mercenary groups brought into Lionel during the great war, it was brought up to nobility after the war. Lead by an intrepid Izludian named Zeitan Ke’jahlesh

The Stonewarden Bank – The largest bank conglomerate in Ecanthia, originally from Belka, they’ve expanded to all corners of Ecanthia and beyond. Created by Aslam Stonebreaker a former quarry master turned banker around 150 years ago.

The Cat’s Paw – Known through Ecanthia as it’s largest criminal cartel, the Cat’s Paw have made a name for themselves since their inception. They are made up of thieves, treasure hunters and the like, they are highly sought out for their expertise as the greatest thieves of the land and illicit goods.

Black Sun Merchant’s Guild – The largest mercantile guilds in the known world, stretching internationally and mostly throughout the south of Ecanthia. They retain control of most of the Burgoss Sea.

Merchant Guild of Olonso – A mercantile guild focused on sea trade out of the Slagos and Zangara regions who competes against the Black Sun. They control the eastern sea routes, but have expanded aggressively to counter the Black Sun.

Order of Whispers – An group of spies and information brokers who sell secrets to the highest bidders. They are led by an enigmatic figure known as the Prince of Whispers.

Court of the Pallid Mask – A sect of Assassins operating from the southern providences of Ecanthia.

The Guild of Athalla – A keepsake of the second age, a small group of adventurer’s bound together by Athalla’s teachings.

Night Sisters – A secret cult of demon worshipers devoted to Malgav and Theughast. operating covertly in the southern regions of Delenheim, causing chaos and discord as they attempt to bring demons through the lock.

Druid Covenants – The druids of Ecanthia are organized into several Covenants that each fulfil a role in protecting the natrual world.

Groups and Factions

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