The world of Ecanthia has many different religions, but the most important revolve around the Primals and the Lessers. The Primals are thought to have dominion over every aspect of the existence of the plane and their power absolute. The Lessers are personifications and embodiment of the nature of living beings and hold domain over their matters.


Ifreya – Goddess of Fire – Fire – Good, battle, honor, justice, valor, purification, retribution
Alignment: Lawful Good
Symbol: Broadsword on twining red flames

Nephtas – Goddess of Water – Water – Life and death, balance, seas & storms
Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: Balanced scales against waves curling left and right.

Airawen – Goddess of Air – Air – Creation, inspiration, arts, beauty, travel, intelligence and love
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Symbol: Harp with silver strings

Taitanos – God of Earth – Earth – Strength, nature, wisdom, athletics, brawling, courage
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Symbol: Upright fist made of leafs on a reef.



Ayora – Goddess of the Sun – Good – healing, kindness, celestial radiance,, positive energy, perseverance
Alignment: Lawful Good
Symbol: Upright spear with radiant lines reaching outwards

Sakerai – Goddess of the Moon – Evil – trickery, malice, thievery, negotiation, individuality
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Symbol: A silver crescent waning moon

Malakath- God of Magic – Arcane – Magic, Arcane knowledge, Intellect, Study
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Symbol: An eye laid over an open tome inside a Pentagon

She who has no name- The Void – Knowledge, truth, foresight, occult lore, balance
Alignment: Unaligned

Not all gods are represented in this page, some are lesser known, or revered as gods in different cultures:

Aoun- The all father
Chronox – The lost god of time
The Dark Six – The Six aspects of malevolence
Gods of the Mountain – The Northern Pantheon beyond Lothar’s wall
Pallid Mask – The masked shadow
Balzar – The Owl Lord – One of the elder beings of the Tanarathians.

Demon Lords of the Nether:

Theughast – Demon of Madness
Malgav – Demon of Traveling
Odamiel – Demon of Wrath
Vernag – Demon of Greed
Osmos – Demon of Sloth
Oduriel – Demon of Pride


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