Countries and Kingdoms of Ecanthia

Lodis – The Iron Kingdom, once a bastion of tradition and sovereignty now caught in a civil war that threatens to destroy it from the inside.

Galgastan – A country founded in magical tradition. Once a kingdom of peace turned into conquerors who seek to continue their crusade.

Osea – Protectorate of Belka, re-established after the end of the One Hundred Years War.

Belka – Joint kingdom of Humans and Dwarves, rulers of the Reach and Lower Mountains.

Izlude – The kingdom who rules over fire and sand.

Corona – Exotic, dark, and mysterious, the fabled shadowed lands of Corona stands tall among giants.

Zengara – A wild, untammed land at odds with it’s progressive way of life.

Slagos – Land of salt and rock, where sea fairing is the way of life.

Taranath – The ancient realm of the High Elves, known also as the forgotten lands.

Mugresh – Independent city states of Mugresh breed violent and warlike men.

- The Great North -

Hozkal – No man’s land

Tur – The land of Eternal Gray Skies

Ash’lenor – Named after guardians of dreams, the land is a distant frozen

Ubrua- The land of eternal winter


Countries and Kingdoms of Ecanthia

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