Avatars, the word strikes fear and awe in many who believes in fairy tales and myths from a time long gone. Many believe the Avatars to be manifestations of the Gods who come in the aid of the world at times of great strife, but many more hold them to be fables, nothing more.

In order to work around the Lock which prevents them from directly intervening the Gods would first create Avatars who wield the physical powers of a god and later the Oracles as representatives of their will.

Though no Oracle has been recorded to have any decedents, Belaneth the Void Oracle is the only one known to have. However, for reasons unknown she hid her child for 1500 years into the third age.

Last known Avatars of the second age:

Maxmillian Schneider- Avatar of Ifreya – The Firebringer. A powerfully built man usually seen in his heavy armor. He is very similar to Parn in appearance. The party would discover him still alive under Balmora where they would enlist his aid to defeat the demon lord Malgav. He fell upon conclusion of this battle and before passing entrusted his blade Daimlyos to the party to bring to one worthy.

Velina Riveria Fatima (or Satin) – Avatar of Airawen – The Thunder Empress
Queen of the twin empire of Revaria (later known as Sostegar). Often comes into the Temporum to see her former companions and to get a moment of peace and quiet from the ruling of her kingdom. Ippon, her Queensguard will often accompany her out of duty.

Axion – Avatar of Nephtas – The Lord of Tides . Soft spoken but explosive, the Avatar of Nephtas is a mystery to the party. His insight into arcane practices is said to be legendary. As one of the most famous heroes of the second age, he downplays himself. Often seen as Lute’s traveling companion, acting as his voice of reason.

Sully – Avatar of Taitanos- The Stonedragon – A calm and reserved warrior monk of tall stature who assisted the party in removing a potent curse that had caused Ryland to go berserk and attack his companions. Revealed that he was living in the year 2090 of the second age.

Lute – Avatar of the Void – The Void Knight An extremely outgoing and cheerful man who has a penchant for getting into trouble with his traveling companion Axion. Always jesting and flirting with everybody, be they male or female and regardless of race. He comes into the Temporum regularly and is known for drawing funny pictures in the signing book when he got bored and nobody else was signing the book. He died during the second battle with the Monolith when he activated and broke the Flame of War triggering the second Cataclysm.

Mercurio- Avatar of Light
Only his name has been mentioned. Not much is known of him. His name resonated with Maximillian when he awoke under Balmora.

Avatar of the Moon – Avatar of Woe- Only heard of in passing, according to the Avatars it was the one who they went into conflict that would lead to the 2nd cataclysm.


Belaneth – Oracle of the Void, A very charming tiefling woman who fought alongside many of the other avatars. Is known to have a beautiful singing voice and during the struggle with the Avatar of Woe was always confident in their final victory. She was a lover of Ippon during that time and disappeared from her companions sometime after their victory to conceal and bear her child Ozruk who was then concealed in the Third Age. She is said to be still alive in the magical city of Arcanum although she has been able to project herself into dreams, in spaces between the Lock and into the Atrium of the Void’s domain. She has been known under several titles such as the Veil Revealer and the Seeker of Secrets.

Menari – Oracle of Taitanos, The Oracle of Taitanos is still alive during the Third age. Granted eternal life by Taitanos she is the founder of the Whispering Leaf druid covenant.

Ippon Van Helios – The Dragonslayer- Queensguard of Velina, One of the only ones encountered in the Temporum who is not an Avatar. Usually accompanies Velina and is revealed to have been a former lover of Belaneth, from that union came Ozruk although the existence of his daughter was kept from him. Well known as the dragon slayer and is known to be the only one, mortal or otherwise to have bested Maxmillian in single combat.


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