A disk shaped object with an inner disk that appears free floating


A powerful artifact that is capable of opening a gateway between the seconds of time. This gateway leads into a space with several beds, a table of foodstuffs, a simple fire pit and a guest book filled with signatures. This space is always perfectly clean and any disruption, injuries or dirty will clear itself away in short order.

A long rest in the temporum equals approx. 10 minutes in the real world.

It is claimed the Temporum is a limited use artifact although nobody knows how many times it may be used and it has seen much use during the second age.

The Temporum also leaves no records of itself behind. Writers attempting to even mention it in writing find they have written something entirely unrelated.


The Temporum was given initially to Luci Pendragon by Zethul, the only follower of the god of time and near Demigod in his own right, in Belmora before the parties fateful fight with the Night sister. Currently carried by Ozruk

The space inside the Temporum is outside of time itself and the Party has met several Avatars from the second age, many of who are relieved to discover that the world survived their conflicts. The Party are referred to as First of the Third as in they are the first users of the Temporum from the Third Age

The Avatars of the second age do not remember anything that occurs inside the temporum when they leave and several have attempted to bring notes or proof back but it is always wiped clean. The Party however retains their memories as a bending of the rules by Zethul so for them it is a glimpse into a world now lost to the ages.

The Temporum was lost to the Pendragons when Ozruk was captured by them and its current whereabouts are unknown.


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