Elum Crystals


These crystals are often azure in color, foggy and rough to the touch and often very plain, until light reflects off their surface in which they become iridescent and glow with a surprising brilliance. The Elum Crystals tend to be overlooked for the most part, often regarded as beautiful albeit worthless stones to most onlookers. However, when exposed to magic… the crystals sing a resonating yet low hum of power as the inside displays an encased storm crackling with energy.


The extremely rare Elum crystals (or Wind Crystals) are magical artifacts whose knowledge is exclusive to Tharanathians. Though their power is a subject much debate within the higher arcane circles, they’ve been rarely been seen by outsiders, much less studied outright even to those who receive a personal invitation for study the arcane arts. The High Elves keep their knowledge a highly controlled secret, entrusted only to one honored member of per cabal who they refer to as ’Cryna’h Sintarus’ or Crystal Sages in the common tongue. Their duty is to grow and mantain the crystals for the enclaves and the Tharanathian people.

Their abilities and use are held as a large mystery due to the High Elves’ secretive nature, however it is rumored this type of magic dates back to the first age.

Elum Crystals

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