Elven crafted Greatsword


Dawnbringer- ‘Ambarónë’ (requires attunement)
+1 Greatsword (magical)
Aura: Evocation

- 1/day Bonus Action to activate:
Turns physical damage into radiant damage for 5 minutes. When activated in such a manner, the blade emits bright light in a 15 foot radius and dimlight for an additional 15 feet.

A Taranathian (High Elven) crafted great sword of beautiful quality. The one edge curved blade is polished to an unnatural sheen with a organic white lines etching along the blade’s profile.The cross guard and pommel polished to an unnatural luster. The handle is made of dark oak wood adorned by golden etching designed that wrap around it topped with a silver square pommel. A small square cut scapolite gem is fitted at the base of the blade, infusing blade and pommel.



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