Biblios of Arun

A silverband of knowledge


It grants the user the following benefit:
1 / Day summon a illusionary double of any book in the library the Bracelet is locked to granted the user the ability to research As the sage background feature) for the duration of 8 hours.

After a 10 minute ritual upon an even surface, the user taps into an extensive list of books by either title or subject, and selects from the selection. The bracelet creates an Illusionary tome only readable to the user. The summoned book has weight and behaves like a book, however its still an illusionary double with no worth and can’t be edited or copied by magical means. If shown to others the pages are blank.

Summoned Books:
Meristos’ Conclave of Dragons


A thin silver wrist band that scales to the user. The band itself looks nondescript save for the three tiny jewels settings where two blue spinel’s flank the empty middle slot.

The Biblios of Arun grants the user to recall any book within their possession, making it a desired item by many scholars. The user can summon any book/parchment/ from any library the Biblios is currently locked to, affording scholars the ability to access much needed tomes as long as they are in the same material plane.

Biblios of Arun

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