Blade of the Mage Lords

weapon (melee)

The blade is simple in design but beautiful in construction, the blade’s handle is made of white gold, unadorned save for a few line etchings. A carved emerald adorns the pommel, tiny gems lay stitched between the overlapping layers of blue leather covering the handle. The blade itself is made of Cold-Iron that looks nondescript, unless held at an angle revealing arcane runes etched along the blade.

Azlon, Blade of the Mage Lords
+1 Magical Weapon (Longsword) – Lesser Artifact (Requires attunement) – Strong Evocation Aura

Cold Iron – Bypasses Damage Resistance of certain types of undead, and fiends

Spellstoring – The sword can hold a spell up to 3rd level in the weapon. (The spell must have a casting time of 1 action). Anytime the weapon strikes a target it can release the spell as a Bonus Action if the wielder desires. The spell’s save is based on the original caster’s Spell save (at the time) and uses their attack bonus if applicable.

If user has Proficiency in Arcana gains the following:
- Act as a focus for spell casting for Arcane Spells
- + 1 to Intelligence while blade is attuned.
- Detect Magic 2/Day
- Comprehend Languages (Understanding, not spoken or read) at will.


A sword crafted over 400 years ago for Lord Alister Gallione, forefather of the Roslion family gifted by Iron King Rambrant Rosenbach for his family’s service to the crown. This arcane blade has seen many fields of battle and gained quite the reputation as it has been wielded by the Mage Lords of Roslion through the years.

During a night in the Wyrmwood the sword’s sentience manifested itself out of the blue. Introducing itself to Aderyn as Zanthros, a cursed high elven arcanist as the person who resides inside the magical blade. After serving hundreds of years in the Roslion family, Azlon decided to entrust take her as his legacy’s heir.


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