Sylthana Arawn

The Grey Warden



Trait Description
Age 37
Race Half-Elf (Turanian/Ash’Lenorian)
Class Cleric (Domain of the Grave)
Background Acolyte
Affiliations Church of Nephtas, Green Vanguard
Standing just short of seven feet tall, Sylthana is easily picked out of a crowd. While her skin once held a healthy tan during her life in Belka and travels through Belka and Izlude, over the course of her adventures in Lodis it has paled slightly, showing more tint of her Ash’lenorian blood. While slim in comparison to her full blooded kin, she sports a healthy amount of muscle which she trains as often as possible to maintain. Both of her arms from her hands to her back and shoulders are now adorned with memorial tattoos and markings of dark blue and black inks, a testament to those who died in her service and companionship, and a promise to her faith. Her armor of choice is custom smithed full plate including a helmet with a visor that covers the top half of her face. More recently, she has begun to seemingly regress in aging, the first signs of this were the disappearance of slight wrinkles from stress and aging.
Serious and dutiful is how most people see Sylthana at a first glance. She takes a strong passion in her duties to the Lady of the Water. To strangers and minor acquaintances, she spares few words save for those that she would give any who sought her voice of faith. To friends and respected allies however, she is much more than first glances.
To those close to her, she will put forth everything to help them. She tries not to let her personal issues become a burden to those around her and does her best to be a strong role model and motherly figure to those younger than her.
Sylthana is the sire of a Turanian human mother and an Ash’Lenorian elven father. When she was very young, her family left her home in Tur to move south to Belka in order to avoid the ongoing conflicts amongst the northern nations. Her father being a cleric of Nepthas made the transition easier for them, as they did not go wanting for a home, one was always available to them.
As she grew, her parents began to notice her burgeoning powers, that like her father she was gaining the blessing of Nephtas. Due to this, and her families ties with the church, she was admitted to the churches tutilage and begun learning how to manifest and control her powers, groomed from a young age to take on a pivotal role as a cleric. Unfortunately, as with many Nephtite families, hers was torn from her.
Her father was dispatched to assist as his clerical status demanded, and being the dutiful wife and warrior that she was, her mother left with him, leaving their daughter in the care of the church for their absence. They did not return.
As the years passed, she gained a mastery over her powers and was appointed the title and status of Deathmelder, one of the rare clerics who had a mastery over the dead. It was also through the church that she met her betrothed, Hansfelt. They were only married for a few years before she bore them a daughter, Cecilia. Unfortunately, being what she was, their family was not destined to remain together. Hansfelt, an acolyte, was bound to a temple and was left to care for their daughter as Sylthana was sent to dispatch the undead that plagued the lands. Months would pass at a time before she was able to see her family.
During her travels, she met Ryland when she was set out to destroy an undead ogre that he also sought for personal reasons. The two of them managed to accomplish their goal, and briefly departed as she sought the guidance of the local church of Komantur, where she was soon acquainted with the rest of her current companions.
The Adventure
Character Insights
Ozruk The girl has become a surrogate daughter to Sylthana, a fact that they both acknowledged at one point. She tries to do her best to keep Ozruk on the best path in life, and hates to see the burdens being placed on her by the destiny that seems to be unfurling before her.
Aderyn The young half-elf has started to come into her own and out of her shell. Sylthana is relieved to see that despite her vocalized past of being discriminated by her own people, Aderyn is not letting that hold her back in her own journey.
Enrico The sarcastic member of the troupe, Enrico has proven quite resourceful, if not slightly pessemistic, in the parties endeavors.
Arlen Though initially not on the best terms with the paladin, he has proven himself a staunch ally none the less. His troubles with his faith and the church he serves have not fallen on blind eyes, though given the difference in their circumstances, she doesn’t know what help or guidance she would be able to give him.
Parn Despite not being a citizen of Lodis or a soldier in his armies, Sylthana holds a level of respect for the young Balmusa heir. Although not nearly on the same scale, she understands the responsibility placed on his shoulders and the guilt he will have to bear with the lives and deaths of those who serve him in his hands.
Brunhylde As the only other Turanian she has regularly seen, she feels a sort of kinship with the gigantess. Currently she is seeking training in armor from the woman, outside of their other duties for the vanguard.
Kalana Sylthana is glad to see that the young sorceress has rebounded after the tragedy that befell her at Gallione, and was happy to see that her assistance was well spent in returning her arm. She was relieved that Kalana’s efforts were successful after their experiments at the God’s Eye.
Gaspar The surly dwarf irritated Sylthana to no end during much of his early interactions with the party, but she has come to realize that much of his demeanor comes from a place of guilt and that he truly does care about the younger members, even if his attitude doesn’t show it at face value.

Sylthana Arawn

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