Samwell Baronett

Makavel the Philosopher


Age: 40
Race: Human (Izludian)
Hair: Bald, white beard
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’9
Class: Alchemist
Affiliations: Johan Roslion, Dunbar, Gallione Castle, The Valiants

Astral Form:
Age: ??
Hair: None
Eyes: 8 yellow eyes
Height: 9ft tall


Posing as a simple but good natured alchemist in the hamlet of Dunbar, Samwell led a quiet life working from his quaint shop. Living in Dunbar for around 20 years, he developed a trusted relationship with the townsfolk of Dunbar acting as a the town pharmacist and primary physician and occasional assistant to Lord Roslion.

Unknown to the world at large, Samwell’s true identity is that of Makavel, or otherwise known as the Philosopher, second of the Valiants of Legend and the wisest amongst them.

Though highly impossible by normal accounts the party’s suspicions were confirmed when they were approached by two imps named Gash and Osho offering a trade, while the third, Veren remained hidden. After negotiations went sour, forcing the party to escape the burning building, the party consulted with Kalana and were able to determine the identities of the three imps as the true harbingers of Makavel.

Little is known of this man and even less from his astral form, save the description Kalana told the party. The creature does not resemble any earthly creature, it stands around 9’ tall, with 8 arms, 8 golden eyes and a tattered hemp robe. It’s features never remaining in the same place, covered in an ever shifting tactile shadow that seemed to emanating from his body… but perhaps most disturbing is how the being had no astral string tying him to any plane…

Samwell Baronett

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