Parn Rosenbach Balmusa

Heir to the Iron Crown, The Reformer


Titles: Heir Apparent, Temple Knight of Ifreya, Captain of the Green Vanguard,
Slayer of Odamiel

Age: 26
Race: Human, Lodisian (Delenian)
Affiliations: Delenheim, White Dragoon Knights 13th Legion, Green Vanguard, Church of Ifreya


One of the survivors of the Almoria massacre, he was taken in by the Windlass family and trained from an early age in the ways of a Temple Knight. Early in his career he gained fame for killing an elder Demon Lord in single combat, earning him the moniker ‘Slayer of Odamiel’. A title he carries with much reluctance.

Parn’s true heritage was uncovered within the great hall of Belghast, in front of the nobility of Lodis and members of the high court. Triumphantly passing the once secretive test of flame, he exceeded expectations by drawing Daimlyos completely out of its sheath. An act that cemented his status as the true heir of the late Balthier Balmusa, while inadvertently revealing himself as a figure with a threatening and uncontrollable amount of power.

As Lodis becomes engulfed in civil war with unknown dangers looming in the horizon, Parn stands firm despite the immense weight he carries upon his shoulders.

Parn Rosenbach Balmusa

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