Ozruk Van Helios

Daughter of two worlds, Herald of the Void

I am looking for the most dangerous thing in this world, the truth

- Ozruk

Ozruk is a bit below average height for a Tiefling with a fit build both naturally and from her experience adventuring. Long purple hair below her shoulders and light purple skin make her stand out in a crowd. Her tail is quite long and whisks around with a mind of its own usually unless she consciously controls it. Her horns are fairly short along the top edge of her brow and come up on either side of her ears.

Her eyes are one of her most striking characteristics, having neither pupils or irises her eyes appear to be a pearlescent mother of pearl color. People who have been around her for some time easily catch that the light in her eyes shifts color with her mood and friends of hers can tell how she is feeling just from the color shifts.

A small imp creature named Ip’Nix is her familiar and although invisible will often be found around or nearby her. The two appear quite close, and although he is technically her familiar, she is extremely protective of him and treats him very well. Ip’Nix trusts her and to choose to remain her familiar even after her original pact broke, and she gave him a choice to leave.
She is a natural prankster and very playful spirit who is quite outgoing and more than willing to get herself into trouble. She also has a very solid stubborn streak and sense of loyalty that has gotten her into trouble in the past trying to protect others. She does not appreciate being ordered around.

Some very traumatizing events in the last year have caused her to have suicidal depression and bouts of paranoia about people’s intentions and plans. She nearly took her life at Belghast castle before accepting the cleric Sylthana ’s aid. Gradually Ozruk has come to terms with the events of her life and has opened up to her companions giving a sense of stability and friendship that has been important to regaining control over herself. The intervention of her long lost mother in Servilla helped her finally heal her soul and has freed Ozruk to become herself again.

Ozruk is becoming much more open and friendly to people, and her natural nature is starting to reemerge. With this, she is also starting to try and find her place in the world and knows she has trusted friends around her.



Ozruk was found outside the village of Almoria as a newborn baby. A Tiefling baby, nobody knew who the parents were or how she came to be outside of the village. Ozruk was adopted by the old midwife Miriam and raised as her own child.

Ozruk soon proved to be a happy and lively little prankster who was friendly to everybody. She became part of a group of children including Parn, Luci Pendragon, Braum, Gavin, and Xanaphus and they would go on adventures together.

Parn had heard a rumor about a dead body at an abandoned tower some miles away and nobody having seen a dead body before all decided to travel out there and see for themselves. Making their way through the woods they played and enjoyed themselves before reaching the tower where they discovered a slaughter had occurred. Worried about their safety they fled back home, only to see black smoke rising from their village.

Arriving in Almoria, they found the population had been killed and the houses set aflame. Bandits soon were drawn in, but the intervention of Duke Windlass and his company of soldiers returning from the war saved them all.

The perpetrators of the Massacre of Almoria were never discovered.

Ozruk and the other children were placed as Wards of Algus of Meleborn in the city of Longsaddle. It was here that she grew up to the age of 17. At this time she was the last of the wards and having been the youngest of the group she had accepted Algus as her father and deeply respected him. She resolved to follow in his footsteps and began doing odd jobs to save up for attending one of the magic academies.

It was at this time Ertealean, an alchemist recently in town lured the naive girl in with the intention to use her body to bind a demon to his service. Instead, Ozruk became a warlock and broke loose killing Ertealean in the process. Ozruk got severely injured during her escape and suffered a concussion as well as multiple physical injuries and was nearly comatose for a month.

She suffered from a great deal of shame and guilt over her choice and kept it hidden from everybody even as she was emotionally torn apart. People believed the alchemy shop had blown up because of a potion or formula went wrong and Ozruk claimed to barely remember what happened

After she had recovered her good friend Luci, another survivor and a Cleric of Ayora convinced her to go on an adventure. This would result in her making use of her newfound powers but making the claim she was a sorceress and the powers manifested after her accident.

Over time she ended up traveling to the Plane of the Hungry Dead and to Eagles Nest where she joined the Green Vanguard despite her paranoia since her friends decided to join. Eventually, in Belmora, she would reach a tipping point when they were betrayed and later when her best friend Luci died.

In Belghast castle Ozruk tried to commit suicide but the presence of Sylthana, a new companion stood close by listening to Ozruk talk while she tried to work up the courage, kept her from jumping. Wanting help, she opened up to Sylthana and found acceptance from her. She found similar acceptance from the rest of her companions about what she was and continued to travel on.

Fighting through Dunbar and Gallione castle Ozruk was forced to take the lead and push everybody on when they witnessed the horrors perpetrated by Samwell, later to be uncovered as Makavel, the Philosopher. They spent several days recovering at the inn which they made a base of operations and here Sylthana revealed she saw Ozruk like a daughter, a feeling which Ozruk reciprocated.

Ozruk ran into trouble and was captured in the town of Servilla by the soldiers for the Pendragon family. Believing her to be a spy Ozruk was questioned, and she answered their questions until they attempted to identify her companions. She refused to betray her friends and was subsequently put to torture and eventual execution.

Ozruk did not die. However, she was restored by her Mother, Beleneth, the Oracle of the Void goddess and returned purified. Her former shame was purged and her contract with the Demon ended, instead now her power came from the Void and this was something Ozruk found acceptable. Giving her her life back Ozruk was ready to move forward with her life.

Now the Herald of the Void Ozruk’s purpose is to restore the Void Goddess, a duty that was supposed to be her mother’s but circumstances prevented it. Ozruk has discovered who her father is and uncovered her family name, Van Helios. She found out she was born in the second age and through the intervention of Sethul, the sole agent of the God of Time was moved into the third age and left outside of Almoria.

Deep inside the lost magical city of Arcanum she finally found the answers she was seeking upon speaking with her mother Beleneth. Her mother had become the Lock itself to contain the Avatar of Woe and the only way to restore the Void and the balance of the worlds was to destroy the Lock and her mother. Feeling the overwhelming love Beleneth had for her Ozruk tearfully fulfilled her duty and took the blade offered by her mother and placed it within the mechanism itself.

Ozruk was gifted the ring of the whisperers by her mother and was told that she was to become the new Oracle of the Void. As the Herald Ozruk fulfilled her role and restored the balance of the planes and the Gods but now must ensure the other destinies around her are fulfilled and that their greatest battle to come allows the age of the mortals to begin.


The wise cleric Sylthana was the first to recognize that underneath Ozruk’s volatile behavior and proud demeanor there was a young woman in a lot of emotional pain. She has become a mother figure to the much younger Ozruk who is close in age to her daughter, and she feels protective towards Ozruk. Revealing after a night of drinking that she saw her as a daughter Ozruk was quick to acknowledge that the feeling is reciprocated. Even after Ozruk found her birth mother, Sylthana is still the mother figure to her and commands her respect.

Initially almost scaring Ozruk away, Arlen has proven a stalwart companion and gained Ozruk’s trust although the two of them have difficulty making that clear to each other. Risking her life for him several times she considers him a good friend.

Aderyn and Enrico
The other two companions she travels with are quite the odd pair. Aderyn is very quiet and bookish, and Ozruk finds it entertaining to try and pull her out of her shell. She enjoys her company and respects her command of magic that Ozruk wished she had had a chance to learn herself. Enrico, on the other hand, is very outgoing and playful but has been a bit of a downer on Ozruk which does annoy her a bit.

Parn is a brother to Ozruk. Having grown up together in Almoria, they have known each other Ozruk’s whole life. She has a difficult time seeing him as a king, but she is very proud of his accomplishments and respects his courage and sense of duty.

Algus took Ozruk in after the massacre of Almoria, and he is her father having raised her for the past 11 years. Ozruk loves him and worries about his health and safety despite him being the most powerful wizard in the world. She still mourns his passing but is grateful to Sethul that she has gotten a chance to speak with him.

The Void
The goddess of the Void is the entity from which Ozruk’s power comes. Ozruk happily accepts her service to the void after she came back to life and her pact to the Devil Malkior broken. Eager to fulfill her role as herald of the void Ozruk is at a loss to what that means and what she needs to do.


Ozruk Van Helios

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