Ozruk Van Helios

Daughter of two worlds, Herald of the Void, Oracle

I am looking for the most dangerous thing in this world, the truth

- Ozruk

Ozruk is a bit below average height for a Tiefling with a fit build both naturally and from her experience adventuring. Long purple hair below her shoulders and light purple skin make her stand out in a crowd. Her tail is quite long and whisks around with a mind of its own usually unless she consciously controls it. Her horns are fairly short along the top edge of her brow and come up on either side of her ears.

Her eyes are one of her most striking characteristics, having neither pupils or irises her eyes appear to be a pearlescent mother of pearl color. People who have been around her for some time easily catch that the light in her eyes shifts color with her mood and friends of hers can tell how she is feeling just from the color shifts.

A small imp creature named Ip’Nix is her familiar and although invisible will often be found around or nearby her. The two appear quite close, and although he is technically her familiar, she is extremely protective of him and treats him very well. Ip’Nix trusts her and to choose to remain her familiar even after her original pact broke, and she gave him a choice to leave.
She is a natural prankster and very playful spirit who is quite outgoing and more than willing to get herself into trouble. She also has a very solid stubborn streak and sense of loyalty that has gotten her into trouble in the past trying to protect others. She does not appreciate being ordered around.

Some very traumatizing events in the last year have caused her to have suicidal depression and bouts of paranoia about people’s intentions and plans. She nearly took her life at Belghast castle before accepting the cleric Sylthana ’s aid. Gradually Ozruk has come to terms with the events of her life and has opened up to her companions giving a sense of stability and friendship that has been important to regaining control over herself. The intervention of her long lost mother in Servilla helped her finally heal her soul and has freed Ozruk to become herself again.

Ozruk is becoming much more open and friendly to people, and her natural nature is starting to reemerge. With this, she is also starting to try and find her place in the world and knows she has trusted friends around her.



Ozruk was originally discovered as a newborn baby at the river bridge outside of the small town of Almoria. Taken in by the local midwife Ozruk proved to be a natural imp and very friendly and playful. Many friends amongst the other children she soon found a good circle of children who had gyrated naturally to following around the oldest of them, Parn.

One fateful day Parn lead them out deep into the woods to explore an old, abandoned tower where rumor had it a body had been discovered by travelers. Ozruk followed along, being only 6 she was like a mascot to the party and excited. Upon finding the tower however Parn and a wood elf girl discovered there had been a recent battle and turned them back quickly. It was at this point they saw the smoke raising in the direction of Almoria. Upon reaching the town they were shocked by the slaughter and houses that were engulfed in flames. Ozruk could only stand there crying in fear and panic. Bandits came and Parn tried to defend the other children, fortunately a contingent of soldiers returning from the hundred years war were drawn to the smoke as well and were able to save the survivors.

Ozruk and the other children became wards in the care of an elderly wizard Algus in the nearby city of Longsaddle, a horse raising and export city of small size. Parn however went on with the soldiers to train. Although traumatized by the events of that day Ozruk proved resilient and grew up here. Occasionally having issues with her tiefling nature with other kids she nevertheless grew into a well adjusted young woman under the guidance of Algus and with her best friend Luci. She loved Algus as her father figure and wanted to follow his example and study magic at one of the larger schools.

She found a job at a new alchemist’s shop to help her save money, but was shortly betrayed by the owner who was a warlock seeking to use her body to bind a captured demon into his service. Her hurt her badly and in a moment when he was collecting his supplies the demon made her an offer to save herself. Ozruk accepted the pact and in that moment became a warlock. She was able to escape with the demon’s aid and unintentionally she shoved the warlock into the summoning circle as she made her escape. The shop exploded a second later and Ozruk was hurled out violently and spent the next week in a coma, and another week incoherent as she mended.

While she was in her coma her mind was elsewhere, exposed to arcane secrets and truths, control over her budding power began to grow and when she finally regained her senses she realized what she had become and fell into a state of despair and depression. Her personality changed from cheerful and playful to more sullen and withdrawn.

Her body mended fully over the next month but she remained down and conflicted. Eventually dragged into a small adventure by Luci, now a cleric of the goddess Ayora, to figure out where food shipments were disappearing on the road to the fishing town of Telus. Here she was able to utilize her new abilities fully and embraced the high she got from the battles with the goblins. Lieing about her sudden new powers she told everybody that she was evidently a sorceress. She encountered Parn while he was fighting cultists in Telus and learned he had become a Paladin of the goddess Freya. Eventually pulled into another encounter to help deal with an undead ogre her and her companions found an ancient temple from the second age and first encountered the myth of the Sleeping King. Finding the same cultists from Telus they also discovered these cultists were in same way involved with Almoria.

Reluctantly joining the Green Vanguard Ozruk would eventually become entangled in many events dating back to the first age. Breaking free of her pact with her demonic patron she forged a new pact through her mother and the goddess of the Void, the one known as the Paradox. This rebirth shed away the conflict from her soul and allowed her to emotionally heal and move forward with her life as the Herald of the Void. Uncovering who her father was and the circumstances of her birth gave a greater understanding of the sacrifices made. Born of the second age but taken by Zethul, an agent of time, to the riverbank outside of Almoria in the third age.

As she and her companions uncovered more truths and forgotten legends they found they were the reincarnated souls of the legendary Valiants who themselves came from the world that existed before our own. Reincarnated so many times their alien souls broke loose from fate itself and now unbound they could change the course of the world and prophecy. Never before had the world had so many of the Fate Touched in one place and their impact was already felt far and wide.
Ozruk did find her mother, resting in the heart of the lost city of magic, Arcanum. There her mother had become the Lock, the great barrier protecting the plane from the All Father, a god of destruction. Ozruk was forced to release the power binding the lock which let her mother’s spirit go free. In doing so Ozruk took her mother’s place as the Oracle of the Void and the Heart of Arcanum.

Ozruk Van Helios

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