Highness Marian Katelyn Windlass

Queen of Lodis


Titles: Lady of the four kingdoms, Queen Mother, Highness, Lady of Loderam
Age: 39
Race: Human, Lodisian (Delenian)
Affiliations: House Windlass, Balmusa Dynasty, Lodis, Nobility
House Sigil: Gold Dragon and Griffon facing each other divided on a purple field.


The queen of Lodis, Lady Marian of the House Windlass is one of the last remaining monarchs of the Balmusa dynasty by marriage. A very capable politician, she has lead many economic reforms that have helped Lodis recuperate after the great war, and fostered great diplomatic ties with Belka and Izlude through her reign.

She is held at high regard by her subjects as a fair and wise ruler prefers to use diplomacy rather than a show of force. She is cousin of Alphonse Windlass, current Duke of Delenheim.

Last seen with her husband traveling towards Folstam.

Highness Marian Katelyn Windlass

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