Father Marcel Funeras

His Holiness, head of the Ayoran Church


Titles: His Holiness, Archbishop, Bishop of Mullond, The Great
Race: Human (Lodisian)
Age: 74
Affiliations: Lodis, Church of Ayora, Nobility,

Province Ecclesiastical Province of Mullond
Diocese: Lesalia & Lodis Primaria
Cathedral: Archbasilica of Saint Ayora
First incumbent- According to the Ayoran Church, Saint Funeras
Formation-The 1st century

Marcel’s name is known throughout the four kingdoms and beyond as one of most popular and influential men in recent history. Part of the Primentario a group of highly influential bishops who played pivotal roles in shaping Ayoran theology

The son of a wealthy family in Bernevia, Marcel took a life of monastic austerity after periods of time studying law and as prefect of Bernevia. This combination proved invaluable to the King and people of Lodis, resulting in Marcel being forcibly removed from cloister life to be elected Bishop of Mullond and made Archbishop. Despite his reservations, he was an energetic and practical Archbishop becoming heavily involved in the civil ruling of Lodis through the 100 Years War and defining religious supremacy in both the east and western kingdoms.


Father Marcel Funeras

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