High Lord Maran Beckett

The High Lord, General of Lodis


Titles: High Lord, Grand General of the Orders, The old Wolf, Savior of Lodis, Lord Commander of the Black Rams
Race: Human (Lodisian)
Age: 61
Affiliations: Lodis, House Beckett, Nobility, Lodisian Army, 100 Year War Veteran, Black Ram Knights, Bakram Knights, Four Orders.
House Sigil: White wolf head profile on black field.


Maran is the Grand General of all the Orders, who served valiantly in the Hundred Years’ War. One of the two men who was granted the title ‘Savior of Lodis’ by King Balthier he’s celebrated as one of the most famous heroes of the age. Earning the moniker ‘The Black Wolf’ Beckett was on his way to becoming a famous knight as one of the youngest recorded members of the Illustrious Black Rams.

At the famous battle of Bregun, Malgain Roslion fell in combat forcing Beckett to assume command of the shattered host and succeeded where his commander had failed, delivering the first large scale victory for Lodis. Beckett became a shining beacon of hope for the Lodisian armies and was promoted to Knight Commander of the Black Rams.

An extremely effective knight commander, Beckett is undefeated while serving as the leader of Black Ram Knights. With every victory his fame grew as a brilliant tactician and paramount warrior, eventually earning the Grand Command of the Orders of Lodis. Under the old wolf’s banner, Lodis achieved a supreme victory over the Galgastanian host at the Fenal Flats ending the Great War.

High Lord Maran Beckett

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