Enrico Pico

Songweaver of the Sea


Race: Halfling (Slagosian)
Affiliations: Slagos, Merchant Guild of Olanso, Green Vanguard
Class: Bard


When asked if that’s his real name, Enrico Pico just grins: “nice, yes?”

When he was even tinier than he is now, Enrico, an orphan with over a dozen adoptive mothers, was found wandering the streets and taken in by the ladies of a prominent Slagosian brothel. While they were only intending to take care of him until an orphanage could fetch him, Enrico was so endearing (or rather the orphanages were so disreputable) that they eventually took it upon themselves to raise him. “If you stay, you work,” so to earn his keep he ran errands, did odd jobs, and cleaned. Mercifully, he was too small to handle the prodigious laundry loads of bedsheets.

While he was cleaning up the downstairs bar one morning, one of the ladies overheard him singing to himself, with uncanny accuracy, a song she had debuted for patrons the night before. Seeing a natural musical talent, as well as a more valuable way for Enrico to contribute, she began teaching him to accompany her. As he improved, he began playing independent sets and even developed a minor local reputation.

Restless and enamoured with both the sea and the ships that he watched entering and leaving port, he eventaully talked his way aboard the ship of one of the brothel’s more-frequent customers, Captain Javier Rios, who appreciated Enrico’s ability to keep up with his jests. “You’re the son of not one but a dozen whores!” met “and if YOU keep coming around they’ll all quit!”

Enrico stayed on Rios’ merchant ship, the Dancer, for a number of years, and Rios became a father figure to him. Despite his natural inclinations, Enrico worked hard to earn his place among the crew, out of loyalty to his captain and crewmates, as well as a persistant memeory of “if you stay, you work”.

However, whenever duties were done and the crew was on shore leave, Enrico led the charge to the local taverns for drinking and gambling. Fortunately for him, his affable nature and fast talking were generally able to calm both bitter losers and impatient winners.

Despite this, one night, after being caught cheating by the sailor he was playing against, a few too many drinks left Enrico unable to rein in his sharp tongue, and it cut too deeply. Already angry, the enraged sailor drew his sword and lunged at Enrico.

Captain Rios, whose licentiousness would never let him miss a night out, downed his ale, drew his sword, and lept to Enrico’s defense. He beat back, disarmed, and scared off the attacker, but not before a wild stab found his side.

Panicked, Enrico did his best to drag the much larger, drunk, weakened captain back to the Dancer. Once the captain was back and under the care of the crew, it soon became clear that the attack had missed anything vital, and, while the wound would take some time to heal, the captain would be fine. Relieved at the good news, but horrified at how close he could have come to getting Captain Rios killed, Enrico gathered his things, said some quick goodbyes, then, despite the protests of the captain, left the Dancer for good.

After leaving the Dancer, he worked on whatever ships would have him and doubled down on drinks and gambling whenever the opportunity arose. After adding his encounter with Denam to his long list of alcohol-fueled misadventures, he is trying to learn temperance.

Ozruk: At least one of them has a sense of humor! She has a short temper, but she has a quick laugh too. I just wish she weren’t so mopey. “Other people are mean to me because I look different!” Boohoo! And I’ve never heard a short joke before! Most people are assholes. So long as you’ve got a few good ones close to you that like you, that’s enough. She’s been trying to take charge of the group recently, which is admirable, but I hope the responsibility isn’t weighing too heavily on her.

Sylthana: Why does she have such a problem with me?! Creepy, humorless giantess! No, not humorless. She thought throwing me at Ryland was HILARIOUS. Still need to figure out the best way to get back at her for that one. At least Ozruk seems to be helped by their conversations.

Braum: Seems driven to “do the right thing” more than anyone else in the group. There’s not an ounce of guile hidden under all that armor. (Speaking of which, kept him company while he made that giant shield of his. He was pleasant, but very focused on getting everything right.) Honest to a fault (note: don’t confide anything important to him). “Stern” is about as angry or ill tempered as I’ve ever seen him. Certainly more mature than I was at his age. Good taste in ales.

Ryland: Like Braum, Ryland is guileless, but in Ryland’s case I don’t know if he’d even understand the concept. The smallest things can make him happy, and he’s curious about almost everything. I admire his enthusiasm for the world, if not his lack of self control and sophistication. He’s like a child. Who kills people. With his teeth. Flute lessons were progressing, but painfully. I’ll miss him.

Aderyn: Not exactly the sort for carousing, but she’s good to have around. I know enough about magic to appreciate just how much more she knows about it than I do. I practice, sure, but so much of what I do is intuitive. I don’t have her passion (or patience) to make a study out of it.

Arlen: He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, except for joining up with us, anyway. I’ll be interested to find out what he learns. The others haven’t exactly been forthright about everything they’ve been through, and unlike them I don’t have anything to hide. Or not nearly as much, anyway.

Enrico Pico

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