Duke Malfus Berengar Lambert

Warden of the North, Duke of Folstam


Titles: Duke of Folstam, Warden of the North, Lord Paramount of Folstam, The Bear of Jotenheim
Age: 41
Race: Human, Lodisian (Delenheim/Folstanian)
Affiliations: Folstam, House Lambert, Order of the Bear, Order of the North Wind, Folstam Nobility, 100 Years War veteran, Legion of the Bear
House Sigil: Black Bear’s head in profile, on Yellow field


A terrifyingly resourceful man, Duke Lambert is a warrior of great renown throughout Lodis and beyond. Though house Lambert was never considered an illustrious house like Windlass or Folmav, Malfus’ father Barnath, began consolidating power throughout Folstam and regions beyond during the 100 Years war.

After seeing the rampant destruction that Galgastani brought upon his lands, he shifted his efforts towards turning Folstam into a powerful military arm of Lodis, with the sole purpose of eradicating the Galgastani occupying forces. Shortly after his father’s death, Malfus took the reigns of House Lambert, and turned the House’ reputation into a fearsome one by quickly and ruthlessly striking at Galgastani forces.

Despite being low on resources and manpower, Malfus was successful in his nonstop raids and skirmishes that left the Galgastani forces little room to breathe. As the line of skirmish kept retreating due to Lambert’s knowledge of the land, the Galgastani occupational forces began to lose foothold after foothold, eventually losing their entire supply lines and pushed out of Lodis entirely.

Though successful in his plan, Folstam was left a burning wreck after the majority of the battles were fought tooth and nail in it’s fields leaving little to no farm-able land to harvest. Never fully recovered from the toll of the great war, Folstam once more has become the tip of the spear and pushed into the front lines once more with a weary leader standing ever so vigilant.

Duke Malfus Berengar Lambert

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