Countess Agrias Gainsborough

The Iron Lady


Titles: Countess, Lady, Thane of Gainsborough, The Iron Lady,
Age: 57
Race: Human, Lodisian (Lesalian)
Affiliations: House Gainsborough, House Parcel, Lesalian nobility, Royal Court, Bakram Knights, Stormbringer Brigade
House Sigil: Black displacer beast on gold field


Amongst the large lines of nobility hailing from Lodis, the Gainsborough name stands tall no matter what region you hail from. No member commands more respect than Lady Agrias Gainsborough, the current matriarch of the family. Known as ‘The Iron Lady’, her reputation as a shrewd diplomat, wise advisor, and a ruthlessly efficient matriarch is known throughout the continent.

Though a Parcel by birth, she was married into the Gainsborough family at an early age to her husband Kadwen. Their joint ship ended being a joyous and loving one which brought fortune to both households, despite their many losses through the Great War. In 1421 Kadwen lost his life in the battle of the Fenal Flats, leaving Agrias a widow with her only child. Facing an uncertain future, Agrias sought out in rebuilding the Gainsborough household from a near collapsed house into one of the most powerful families in the four kingdoms.

Countess Agrias Gainsborough

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