A Sapient Troll


Baroo good. Not like brothers.

This troll made himself known to the party after they defeated the hag that was plaguing the Servilla swamps. It was non-hostile and capable of simple communication. After a short introduction, the troll called itself Baroo, likely having strung the first sounds that came to mind. Baroo told the party of the throne in the middle of the swamp and explained the hag’s influence.

Baroo witnessed Elibus’ ritual to destroy the Compass of Theoghast. He promised he’d keep it secret.

The following day Arlen and Enrico brought Caduwein and Morgwain to meet him. After a while they established a somewhat friendly relationship with the troll. Baroo explained that an old man with a spotted eye helped him survive when his brothers cast him out. Arlen and Enrico believe this man to be Roland.


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