King Balthier Rosenbach Balmusa 4th of his name

King of Lodis, Protector of the Realm


Titles: Protector of the Realm, King of Lodis, High Lord of Lesalia, The Hammer, The Fair
Race: Human (Lodisian/ Lesalian)
Age: 49
Affiliations: Lodis, Balmusa Dynasty, Nobility, 100 Years War Veteran, Stormbringer Brigade
House Sigil: Griffon on Red and black cross divided field.


An accomplished soldier and politician, he served in the 100 years war in his youth, gaining fame and renown as one of the few nobles who fought in the front lines, leading his men by example rather than just commanding them. In the later years of the great war, Balthier assumed the throne and became a very successful, albeit controversial ruler.

As king he enacted many edicts that won him the hearts of the people and some ire from noblemen, as he strove to bring peace and security after the war’s disastrous toll. Though successful in his reign, it wasn’t without his woes. He met his end during an engagement in the northern region of Folstam from unknown causes, leaving behind no real heir.

He was a man of the people and as such he was loved by the common folk. His life was said to be full of adventure and tall tales worthy of many bardic songs.

King Balthier Rosenbach Balmusa 4th of his name

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