Duke Alphonse Reci Windlass

Warden of the East, Duke of Delenheim


Titles: Duke of Delenheim, Warden of the East, Lord Paramount of Delenheim, Lord of Blades, Dragon Knight of Belgast
Age: 33
Race: Human, Lodisian (delenheim)
Affiliations: Delenheim, House Windlass, Order of the Dragon, Green Vanguard, Delenheim Security Forces, White Dragoon Knights
House Sigil: Blue dragon on hind legs roaring in profile on a white field


Alphonse is the current lord of Belgast castle, heir of the illustrious Windlass legacy and warden of the East. Known throughout the land as the greatest sword fighter in the country, he has earned his nickname as the Lord of Blades to both foe and friend alike. Despite being from the noble caste, his upbringing is said to been unlike any other which has made him a benevolent ruler, often favoring the common people over his own kin.

After his father’s sudden death 9 years ago, Alphonse assumed the mantle of Lord paramount of Delenheim. Despite his young age, he has proven to be a resourceful and capable leader who’s love for the common people push him to enact new edicts to protect his subjects making him rather controversial among Lodisian nobility.

Duke Alphonse Reci Windlass

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