Princess Agatha Delphi Balmusa

Princess of Lodis, Heir to the Iron Crown


Titles: Princess, Heir of the Iron Crown, Heir Apparent, Lady of Loderam, The Young Flame, Lady of the Four Kingdoms, Of houses Balmusa and Windlass
Race: Human (Lesalian)
Age: 20
Affiliations: Lodis, Balmusa Dynasty, House Windlass & Balmusa, Nobility, Church of Ayora


Intelligent, beautiful, shrewd, and fiery natured, are some of the words that describe the only legitimate child of King Balthier Balmusa and Lady Mariam Windlass and by right, the sole heir to the Balmusa Dynasty according to many.

Though tales of her beauty and grace from are song from all corners of the four kingdoms, she is considered accomplished orator and stateswoman with a good head for politics thanks in part to her extensive schooling by the Royal Court and majority of the Nobility.

Much of her upbringing was spent between royal schooling in Loderam and within Odiel Monastery, a famous church of the Ayoran religion. On her free time she would embark in charities on behalf of both the church and crown. When not doing charity work, she would often accompany her father in diplomatic travels. This would eventually make her a very popular figure for both the church and the common folk.

As of recent the Church of Ayora officially declared on her behalf and sanctified her claim to the throne. Last heard, she was performing a communion with his Holiness Marcel Funeras at Mullond.

Princess Agatha Delphi Balmusa

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