Flames of War

Ozruk's Journal - Part 10

We now know who was behind this trouble. Sevil, the fourth commander of the corpse and owner of the Crows Flock. He had convinced Levin to assist in the kidnapping on Elmdore Gainsborough, heir to the Gainsborough family and close friend of Cliu Pendragon. Then apparently ditched Levin to take the fall and absconded with the young count. He had been the one conspiring with the Pendragons and causing issues and dissent within the Corpse. We have a lead on a warehouse that seems to be pretty well guarded by Sevil’s men.
We managed to slip into town and back to our base at the Fox & Goose. Liram is back though her eyes still show the signs of her grief. I got my father to his room and laid him down, he was still tired from his efforts at the vault and the last few days and I would hate to think of him hurting himself trying to protect us.
Randyl is gone, we are not sure where he disappeared to but can’t seem to raise him using the cloaks so either he is running silent or out of range. His advice would be beneficial right now but we will have to rely on our Corpse allies.
With increased patrols all over moving around the city will be difficult. The crazy old man Broxis will guide us through an old defunct drainage system under the city into the warehouse district. Guess it was something built way back when they thought the town was going to be larger and design flaws kept it from working so it ended up abandoned. Conveniently an old dry well behind the Fox & Goose is connected to it.
Sylthana used one of her spells to consult the gods and got an odd answer that we would find something, just not what we are looking for.
We headed out tonight. The corpse is going to provide us with a distraction for the soldiers by working up the townsfolk. I hope nobody gets injured.

We snuck out back and down the well. The grate was popped open and we proceeded within. These things were massive. They really over planned this, seems bigger than even a city three times larger would need. They must have been expecting a lot of growth that never happened. The drains were pretty dry and we made our way through them quickly. Occasionally Broxis would stop and check the intersections before picking a path. I was glad he knew the way though in retrospect we should have paid it more heed.
We finally came to a ladder up and he motioned us for silence. I watched him slip up and slowly lift the cover to peer around. After a few tense minutes, he opened it up and signaled for us to all come up quickly. We were several blocks away from the target but this was the best point to come out at. I sent Ip’Nix up on overwatch as we began to move our way through the streets. It came in handy when I was able to spot somebody was coming around a corner on a side street. Somehow we made it without being seen to an alley opposite the warehouse.
Two guards were standing there chatting. Broxis cautioned us that we had to somehow take them out without alerting any that may be inside. I clever idea hit me and I used the sleeves of many garments that I still had to change my outfit into something a prostitute wore. Quickly casting the Friends cantrip I seductively walked out towards the guards. I could see them both grin and one of them approached me as I flashed a fake smile at him. I could see the one in the back get his head smacked into the side of the building and I kept the one in front distracted. As he reached me I kept my eyes on him to not alert him and I just saw his eyes go wide as the dagger hit him from behind. He was down in a second. Broxis knew his business. The other rejoined us and I could see Sylthana was looking at me disapprovingly for my dress, I wanted to laugh at how silly it all was. She was shaking her head just like a mother would, I just grinned mischievously before changing it back.
With the guards out of the way we carefully checked and slipped our way inside. The place was strangely barren and empty. A ground level door in the back and a raised office also in the back were the only things of note. I sent Ip’Nix forward as we surveyed the area. It smelt like a trap but I couldn’t see anything. Ip’Nix reported back that the upstairs office there was somebody tied to a chair. I quickly hopped into his senses and I could see a man tied down, his ankle looked to be broken and he was beaten up badly. I quickly whispered to him that we there to help him out. He jerked briefly but I could see the slight nod.
We worked our way back, a couple of the others went and got him free. I stood watch below with Braum covering the lower door in case of an ambush.
They brought him down, he was in bad shape but we realized this was Elmdore Gainsborough. The missing count was in rough shape. This just kept getting odder and odder, there hadn’t been any ransom demands and he was beaten up as though they had been questioning or torturing him. He was in rough shape so we knew we had to get him to a secure location, Sylthana advised the Church of Nephtais as our best bet.
While making our way back we were spotted. A group of guards called out the alarm as the last of us were entering the drain tunnels. Broxis was caught outside and he slammed the cover shut before we heard him roar and attack.
Little time to waste we didn’t question it and moved out. Without his guidance, we had no idea where to go and ended up quite lost. Eventually, we found our way close by and we were able to find the market district. From there we made our way over to the church without too much issue. The church hierarchic I think knew who we had rescued but knew that it was better that she play dumb and protect her acolytes and priests. A very tall half orc woman she certainly had a strong presence.

The town is crawling with the Pendragon soldiers now. This is not a force sent here to help out, they were laying in wait to move in. We began working our way back when we a bird showed up and turned into the messenger statue again. Sylthana looked it over and let us know the situation near the Tavern had gotten worse and for some reason was escalating into a near riot after they took the Alchemist Morgwein Stoneflask, more or less a leader of the townsfolk, off to the mayor. We couldn’t think of why that would be so we began making our way to the mayor’s house, Morgwein was respected by the people and we needed him to quell the events.
Unfortunately, we got spotted out by some guards. They only spotted me so I played along and let the others disappear into the shadows. They sent up a flare as the others continued away and I was taken to an area nearby where the guards appeared to be stationed. The commander, a man named Siegfried asked me a few questions about why I was violating curfew and I made up a story about being new in town and having gotten a bit lost. He seemed to think about it and then they released me and told me to get home and out of sight.
I quickly got out of there and slipped away down a side street to find the others who were having some difficulty with the guards as the Mayor’s place. Again I got a bit too smart for my own good and changed my outfit to look like a Pendragon officers uniform. I stepped out with Arlen playing the role of a guard and bluffed my way to having them bring Morgwein out to us. It worked successfully and I was rather proud of myself for this idea. We quickly filled in Morgwein as we went, he seemed to think us rather odd but whatever.
Reaching the Tavern it was tense. Soldiers lined one side and an angry crowd was worked up facing them. Aderyn and Enrico slipped into the crowd to try and help work people down. Sylthana frowned as she used her detect magic and sensed the use of a spell being used here. I went forward with Braum to confront the soldiers. I was hoping the uniform would give me some leverage but that got dashed right away when I locked eyes with the same commander who I had spoken to before.
He was rather livid to see me again and disguised as a Pendragon soldier. I tried to warn him about the casters in the crowd but his own people didn’t sense them. I heard him order me captured so I tried to escape with dimension door only to feel the magic torn away even as it formed. I was surrounded and slammed into the ground. Braum wisely raised his hands and backed away into the crowd. Soldiers surrounded me and a bag was thrown over my head as they pulled me away from the square.

I don’t know where they took me but eventually, the bag was removed and I found myself being brought into a small cell with a single chair in the middle of the room. Wherever they took me was extra-planer, I lost my connection with Ip’Nix even as he was tailing me. He had tried unsuccessfully to grab the flame and horn from my bag but it was too difficult for him.

Siegfried stood there with one of those battlemages, He told me that I would be questioned by Cliu Pendragon shortly and to rest here. I offered no resistance, hoping my compliance would be seen in a good light. I hadn’t hurt any of the soldiers or even tried to. They brought in a cot but didn’t untie my hands. It was fairly uncomfortable trying to lay down with one’s arms tied back but somehow I managed to catch some sleep.



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